The Witcher 3

About this mod

Complete overhaul of Witcher 3 lighting

Permissions and credits
Fixes for NextGen version are out. Big thanks to Lars for preparing initial NextGen update.
It's made to by used mainly with dx11. Works with dx12 but it's not fully compatible nor completely tested

Immersive Lighting is culmination of my work on lighting system for Witcher 3. It's prepared as complete overhaul of lighting in base game and two DLCs. Project purpose was to deliver enjoyable product, give fantasy vibe at day and realistic vibe during nights, eliminate ugly lights put into cutscenes, extend weather system in all regions. It introduces many things not present in vanilla as volumetric clouds in Skellige, eliminated environmental light probes in all regions and many other things I forgot to mention here.
Version 2.0 can be used with Disable Fake Lights in All Quest by Ramzesovich, which improves cutscenes a lot, but it's no longer a must have mod. Version 1.0 was been built around it and it's needed there.

Entire project was improved by weather system designed by TookaFace in Custom Clouds and Weathers. Thanks for permission given me so long time ago!
Very big thanks to Votislav for letting me to use his Toussaint Enchanced. It improved sky and fog in Toussaint region a lot.

I want to thank many people who were helping in developing this mod, especially beta testers, who pushed develepment process into this moment.
Massive thanks to Lars for preparing NextGen update, testing it and tweaking. He's a huge supporter of this project from a very long time.
Big thanks to Moon for his amazing Env Helper, which I had pleasure to test before release and use in creating this mod. Thanks for Murzinio for trying to make a script for seperate cutscene lighting in velen, Nudel for letting me use his custom balance maps and finding a way to fix bad transition, which were accuring when certain weather types were active, Vareos for testing, critical judgement and many support, Hyadum for many advices, Votislav for criticism, which pushed this mod forward in many aspects, Marinko, Majime, rmemr for envui, RISE for promoting beta versions in his amazing videos, Mishikedman for many advices given in past and essenthy for creating STLM, which gave me this vibe to start modding environments of Witcher 3.
And many, many other people.

Without You all it wouldn't be possible. At all.

I need to point here that this mod won't have any optional versions. All visual aspects were prepared to fit my personal taste and give proper playability, which was constantly consulted with beta testers.

If u want to thank me for creating this mod endorse it and share it with others, You can also support me via paypal: