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Refill any single alchemy item from the alchemy menu. Set refill requirements (corresponding base/base+herbs/full recipe).
Enable/disable vanilla meditation refilling or set it to use the appropriate ingredients for the type of items and their level
Set alchemy campfire requirements.
Set item quantity max multipliers.

Permissions and credits
Part of  LEGO - Loot Economy Gear Overhaul.

Sensibly increases the cost of refilling alchemy items and makes it a more involved process. Inspired by the "refill with corresponding ingredients" idea from wghost81's excellent Preparations mod after a couple of playthroughs with it.

What it does:

  • First time you craft any version of an alchemy item is unchanged from vanilla: you first need to obtain the corresponding recipe and also have all its required ingredients and craft it from the alchemy menu.

  • Alchemy items can be refilled individually from the alchemy menu. Choose/configure whether an alchemy menu refill requires an alchemy item recipe's corresponding base ingredient, corresponding base+ corresponding herbs or corresponding base+ corresponding herbs+ corresponding monster parts (mutagens excluded as you'll need them all for the B&W mutations). The corresponding base ingredients are generally dwarven spirit/alcohest/white gull for basic/enhanced/superior versions of potions, dog tallow/bear fat/alchemical paste for the different levels of oils, saltpetre/stammelfords dust/alchemists powder for the different levels of bombs and dwarven spirit for decoctions. (Default: Refill with corresponding Base)

  • You can still get a refill of cheaper/lower quality versions of an alchemy item even after you've obtained the higher quality version (only when appropriate/low on charges of the higher quality version), you're not restricted to its most recent/most expensive to refill version. This means that -unlike when you can only refill the highest level version of an item- upgrading alchemy items should always be a positive thing for the player to do, with no downsides to it. There is no risk of gimping yourself by upgrading an alchemy item to a higher level version and becoming unable to afford its higher cost of refilling because with this mod you can still refill its cheaper lower level versions if needed. Example: after unlocking Superior Swallow and using up its charges in a contract fight you find yourself without the White Gull needed to refill it while you do still have the Alcohest that would've let you craft or refill Enhanced Swallow: this mod lets you still get a refill of Enhanced Swallow again using its corresponding base (Alcohest) even after you've unlocked Superior Swallow.  And after refilling Swallow with the lower quality base that produces the downgraded (Enhanced) version of Swallow you can still later use White Gull to get a refill of the superior version. You select how much to spend/what you get on a refill.

  • Auto-refill on meditate can be set to disabled, vanilla (your cheapest booze item refills the charges of all your alchemy items- but now also takes max quantity multipliers and oil refills into account ) or set to SIMPLE ALCHEMY REFILL.
  • In the Simple Alchemy Refill meditation refilling mode, automated refilling will use the appropriate base ingredients for the type of alchemy item that needs to be refilled (potion vs bomb vs oil) and its level (basic vs enhanced vs superior). One bomb base ingredient is automatically used for refilling bombs, one potion base ingredient is automatically used for refilling potions etc (more expensive than vanilla and cheaper than refilling alchemy items individually through the alchemy menu). The level of the ingredients used for refilling is appropriate for the level of the alchemy items that need to be refilled, that means you can't refill superior-level alchemy items with basic-level base ingredients, but it can use higher level base ingredients to refill lower level alchemy items if there are no cheaper base ingredients available. The base ingredients used for automatic refilling are the corresponding base ingredients from the alchemy item type's recipes. Bomb basic/enhanced/superior base ingredients for refilling are then respectively Saltpetre/Stammelfords Dust/Alchemists Powder. Oil basic/enhanced/superior base refill ingredients are respectively Dog tallow/Bear fat/Alchemical paste. Potion/Decoction basic/enhanced/superior base ingredients are respectively Dwarven spirit/Alcohest( or any other strong alcohol such as temeryan rye, cherry cordial redanian herbal etc)/White Gull.  SAR always tries to first refill the best version you have of each alchemy item, but if you lack the ingredients for refilling the best version of that item and have no charges left on that item then it will instead try to give you a refill of a lower level version of that item. This means alchemy refilling can be as easy or uninvolved as in vanilla (just meditate) while being more expensive/better balanced (Default: Simple Alchemy Refill)

  • Oils now need to be refilled same as potions/decoctions/bombs (can be configured/disabled). You can configure how many refill charges you get per oil level (default:oil refilling enabled,  basic oil= 1 charge per refill, enhanced =2 charges per refill, superior = 3 charges per refill)

  • Configure whether alchemy menu crafting or meditation refilling require a nearby campfire, separately. Exceptions made for the witcher's bed, witcher's alchemy table and when talking to alchemists. (Default campfire requirements set to on for meditation refilling, off for the alchemy menu as the latter is more expensive than the former and there are many points in the game where you'd want to refill something on the spot without a campfire nearby nor the time to go back and find one).

  • You can configure the maximum stack size of any alchemy item type. This means that if you do want to cheat by using a larger quantity of the same alchemy item for a fight you now can.
  •  (Default stack size multiplier: 1x, same as vanilla. Cheating/increasing charges beyond vanilla default not recommended for balance. I'd suggest looking into Extend Potion Duration for a solution that allows for TW3's short potion effects to last for the whole duration of contract fight -same as TW1- without changing the balance of the game/no arbitrary duration changes). 

  • The amount of the base ingredients needed for refilling through the alchemy menu as well as the amount of charges refilled are the same as in the original recipes. This way the original cost difference between different recipes is preserved (ex: the base ingredient of basic bombs is saltpetre, but the recipe for basic grapeshot calls for 2 saltpetre vs 1 salpetre for basic samum) and higher tiers of a recipe get more charges (majority of basic potions get 3 charges, 4 for enhanced, 5 for superior) so the progression in number of charges as you upgrade your alchemy items is also preserved.

  • Alchemy table/bed bonus is preserved by having it increase by one the number of charges of potions&bombs(& oils if their refill is enabled) that were already at full charge.

  • Hearts of Stone's Bottomless Carafe item bonus is preserved by having it work as an infinite use alcohol base for potions&decoctions.

Why this mod?

Craft Alchemical Bases (+ optional moreexpensivealcohest file) highly recommended for use alongside this mod as it lets you convert higher quality alchemy bases for recipes that call for lower quality ones and keeps the lower quality ones useful throughout the game. Extend Potion Duration also works well with this mod's configurable multipliers for the maximum stack size of an alchemy in order to make them able to last throughout a whole contract fight or cave crawl.

Things you can configure


Same as installing most other TW3 Mods. Avoid Vortex, TW3 Mod Manager recommended  if you need a manager, otherwise you need to make sure that any \modxxx or \dlcxxx folders or xxx.xml mod menu files ended up in their correct places.
Merge any conflicting .ws scripts or bundled .xml files with Script Merger. Done.

How to install most simple TW3 Mods for newbies/klutzes:

The first time you try this mod you might want to select the default preset in the mod menu first.


Run the sarfix command if you want to restore your higher level items to the vanilla state, save.

Unmerge the files if you merged them before. Delete the \modSimpleAlchemyRefill folder from your game's \Mods folder. Delete the mod menu simplealchemyrefill.xml file from \bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\. 

Friendly Meditation: Compatible
Preparations: NOT compatible.
Primer: NOT compatible
Enhanced Edition: NOT compatible.

Changed files:

Implement crthdr's refill from the inventory menu idea to further streamline the refilling process.
Streamline alchemy base conversion.