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Everyone needs a better Manticore. This mod redesigns the Manticore armor to look like the one from Witcher 1 with an overall better aesthetic and texture detail. No longer pristine faux leather, this no-frills (literally) version looks like it's been on a hundred hunts. Immersive yourself back in the game with this Manticore armor mod!

Permissions and credits
*Now replaces the Legendary NG+ armor!


- Classic Manticore - Normal

  • This version has brown boots and the default Manticore belt.

- Classic Manticore - Dark Boots

  • This version has black boots and the default Manticore belt.

- Classic Manticore - Alternative Belt

  • This version replaces the default Manticore belt with the Bear belt, and has brown boots.

- Classic Manticore - Alternative Belt and Dark Boots

  • This version combines the Dark Boots and Alternative Belt versions.
Choose only ONE Main file! Extract and place the mods and dlc folders into your Witcher 3 directory.
The Main versions of this mod are NOT compatible with Fix Manticore Armor and mods like it!
Instead download Only Textures and/or Only Alternative Belt in the OPTIONAL download section. Use both if you'd like.
But do NOT use these OPTIONAL files with the MAIN file versions!


WolvenKit, GIMP, W3Oven, Blender, Notepad++