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Automatically turn off Cat Potion screen effect during the day.

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Once you use a Cat Potion, the screen effect will work during the night (10pm-3am) and in dark places*, like caves and undergrounds. But automatically turn off during the day to not totally blind you. No longer will you have to drink a White Honey potion or meditate to get rid off the Cat Potion screen effect (and all your decoctions and buffs) after you finish exploring a cave!

Note: If you use FCR3 mod, which gives Cat Potion a % crit chance bonus, the stat will remain, but the screen effect will be off when this mod activates during the day.

*Known Issues: The way "dark places" are implemented in the game is prone to human error. Each one of them is marked with a trigger area. Because this is not a code solution, because it's not automated but done by hand, there are dark places that are not marked. Night vision doesn't work in such places but vanilla Metamorphosis mutation doesn't work as well. I cannot fix it unfortunately as this would require editing the levels.

Credits: Code based on wghost81's Friendly HUD mod.

Tested on GOG GOTY 1.31. To install, simply extract the archive into the "mods" folder at the root of your Witcher 3 installation folder (if it doesn't exist, create it).

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