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Diverse winter weather for Skellige, usable with all lighting mods.

Permissions and credits

A deep winter weather system for Skellige that turns the islands into a true northern environment and makes the world feel more alive.


  • A variety of cold environments, from clear and chilly to heavy fog
  • Different levels, directions, speeds, and styles of snowfall, from gentle flakes to icy flurries to blizzards
  • "Dynamic" environments with changing snow on trees and grass based on weather
  • Wind ranging from eerily calm to making the ocean waves surge


Installation & Compatibility

Usable with any lighting or weather mod, as it incorporates only unique DLC environments and effects. It will simply replace your outdoor Skellige weather without altering vanilla or lighting mod envs.

You must give this mod priority in Script Merger. Do not merge the csv file.

If you install the mod mid-game, load your save and meditate (through the menu, not real-time) for half a day or so to trigger the new weather patterns.

If the weather never changes or the console commands don't work, the mod is not installed properly. You've either forgotten to put the dlc folder in the right place or you've got another mod overwriting the Skellige weather csv.

Weather Commands

These are the available weather names if you ever want to switch to a specific weather manually instead of waiting for it to occur naturally.

You should not be using any other weather codes while in Skellige.

Console command is: changeweather(weathername)

  • clear - chilly bright blue sky, very gentle wind, calm water
  • fog1 - thick fog, very gentle wind, near-still water
  • fog2 - heavy surrounding fog, light wind, choppy water, snowy trees and grass
  • flurry1 - hazy fog, windy, heavy flurries, large water swells, snowy trees and grass
  • flurry2 - cloudy, slightly windy, medium flurries, choppy water, snowy trees and grass
  • flurry3 - brighter sky, slightly windy, fast light flurries, choppy water
  • flurry4 - bright sky, windy, light icy flurries, large water swells
  • flurry5 - thick clouds, heavy snowy flurries, almost no wind, calm water, snowy trees and grass
  • snow1 - hazy fog, gentle wind, gentle snowfall, slightly rougher water
  • snow2 - hazy fog, slightly windy, medium snowfall, larger water swells, snowy trees and grass
  • snow3 - foggy, windy, faster snowfall, choppy water
  • snow4 - foggy, windy, circling snow flurries, choppy water, snowy trees and grass
  • snow5 - cloudy, light wind, gentle snowfall, slight waves
  • snow6 - bright and hazy, almost no wind, extremely light snowfall, calm water
  • blizzard - foggy, very windy, extremely heavy snow with limited visibility, large surging waves, snowy trees and grass

Companion Mods

Warmly Dressed Skelligers - Necessary if you don't want barefoot, shirtless people running around in snow storms.

Skellige Ice Breath - Great, immersive mod for cold environments. You will need the relevant compatibility file under optional downloads here in order to make it recognize the weather codes from this mod.

SWWS Weather Commentary - Makes the weather codes from this mod trigger Geralt's relevant comments on the weather.


During foggy weathers, some fog will appear inside the little houses and shacks around Skellige because they use outdoor environment files. It's a vanilla quirk that has nothing to do with this mod. It will not happen in larger interiors like Kaer Trolde Castle, which have their own separate indoor environments.


I've made a quick tutorial you can follow to adjust this mod for personal use. If you want to change the frequency or length of specific weathers, or remove some weathers entirely, you can do so easily:


Many thanks to TookaFace for allowing me to include some envs and w2p elements from Custom Clouds and Weather (and for patiently answering a number of my questions, and generally helping me out), to R0x for allowing me to include several envs and fog variables from Immersive Lighting, and to KNG for letting me include his snowy ground texture and winter tree and grass variables from Winter Is Coming.

Please support and endorse their work!

Also a special thanks to ScoutBr0 for fixing a few effects.