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Diverse winter weather and lighting for Skellige, usable with any other lighting/weather mod.

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A deep winter weather system for Skellige that features various cold, foggy environments, wind levels that range from eerily calm to making the ocean waves surge, and a wide variety of new snow effects from slow, gentle snowfall to icy flurries to blizzards.

The weather changes often and there is an equal chance of most weathers triggering, with a couple being given slightly higher priority and a few being given lower priority. Blizzards only occur rarely and in short bursts since they hinder visibility. Attempting to fight in a blizzard is not recommended.

The video below is a showcase of all weathers that are available for Skellige while using this mod. If it's not in the video, it's not in the game. This is the final version, which has more balanced wind variations, weather durations, transitions and probabilities, and the fire flares and vignette effect have been tracked down and squashed.


Usable with any other lighting or weather mod as it only changes Skellige exteriors, primarily through unique DLC material.

You must give this mod priority in scriptmerger, regardless of which version you use. It will simply replace the outdoor Skellige lighting and weather in your game, whether you use vanilla or a lighting/weather mod. Interiors and other parts of the map are not affected and will continue to use your main lighting mod.

Do not merge. It's meant to be used in place of the Skellige exteriors from your main lighting/weather mod, not in combination with it. Choosing the DLC-only version should give you a color tone that's closer to to your main lighting mod.


Main Version - provides the exact look that you see in the video above, no matter what other lighting mods you use.

DLC Only - incorporates the default env from whatever lighting overhaul you use. It may have a different look from my version (for instance, if your main lighting mod favors cooler colors then it will look much bluer than my video, or more orange if you have a warmer lighting mod, etc.), so it just depends on the exact aesthetic that you want.

More Clear Skies - much more frequent completely clear weather, for those who aren't quite as in love with snow and fog as I am. Personally, I think the main version is much more fun and you get quite a bit of sun flurries with it (i.e. nice bright, sunny day with light cloud cover and tiny icy flurries), with enough clear weather here and there. But if you really want completely clear skies to be prioritized, this will do it.


As shown in the video above, these are the available weather commands. Please do not set weathers like WT_Clear and WT_Rain_Storm through the console, since the mod is not intended to be used with vanilla weather codes. The options available for Skellige are:

fog1, fog2
flurry1, flurry2, flurry3, flurry4, flurry5
snow1, snow2, snow3, snow4, snow5, snow6


Winter Is Coming (Skellige option) - I use only the folder called "modSkelligeSnowRetexture," because I prefer a more realistic landscape to the extreme fantasy look of the complete mod. Using that one folder on its own does not require merging. Everything will look identical to my video and function correctly. Using the full mod will require merging, and the weather effects and lighting will look different from the video above, with inconsistent visuals and possible graphical glitches that I will not assist with.

Warmly Dressed Skelligers - a must-have for the new weathers unless you want barefoot, shirtless bandits running around in blizzards.

Skellige Ice Breath - a great, immersive addition. You will need to grab the compatibility file from my optional downloads in order to make the Ice Breath mod recognize the weather codes from this mod.


During foggy weathers, some fog will appear inside the little houses and shacks around Skellige because they use outdoor environment files. It's a vanilla quirk that has nothing to do with this mod. It will not happen in larger interiors like Kaer Trolde Castle since those have their own separate indoor environments.


MANY thanks to TookaFace for allowing me to include some env and w2p elements from Custom Clouds and Weather (and for patiently answering a number of my questions, and generally helping me out), and to R0x for allowing me to include an env and some fog variables from Immersive Lighting.

Please support and endorse their work!

Also a special thanks to ScoutBr0 for fixing one w2p that kept snowing indoors and for telling me how to destroy the annoying vignette.