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Adds several head items to your game. Hoods, Capes, Hats, Scarves, Masks, all you need for customization! Dyeing and switching between hood up and down included.

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Thanks to edvin76, you can now use the hood switching feature for you own mod as long as Hoods is installed on your game! To do that, your item must have the tag "ToggleHood and you must respect this naming convention:
- your hood-up model can be anything: "Your Item Name"
- your hood-down model must be identical + "Lowered" at the end: "Your Item Name Lowered"
It can be used for any type of items like helmets with visor, or anything you want basically.

To get the best experience, combine this mod with Auto Hide Weapons for CloaksAccessory Slot Mod (items won't disappear automatically when needed unless you use that), and Cheap dyes everywhere.

To use a dye, make sure to use it in the inventory and then apply it to the item you want. Drag and drop won't work because neither pocket slots nor accessory slots are compatible with this feature.

You can switch between hood-up and hood-down by pressing the keybind (install the input settings for that), or through the inventory menu. In the second case you just have to go in your inventory, select the slot with the equipped item, and press X on your keyboard or X on your Xbox controller (square on dualshock).


What you can find at Griffon Merchant: 

- The Cat armor hood (*)
- A "Classic" model (*)
- A "Pointy" model (*)
- Vanilla Cape (*)
- A Tricorn (Model and textures provided by DerinHalil)
- NPC Hood (*)
- KM Cloak (*)
- Bear Scarf (*)
- Fisherman Beanie

What you can find at Baron's Quartermaster: 

- KM Cloak Pointy (*)
- Baron Thug Scarf (*)
- A "Alternative" hood model (*)
- NPC Alt Hood (*)
- A Beanie
- Crach Fur Alt
- Skelliger Hat 
- Bandit Mask (*)

What you can find at Elihal Shop: 

- Crach Cape (*)
- Crach Fur
- NPC Pointy Hood (*)
- Bard Hat (*)
- Merchant Hat (*)
- NPC Medic Hood (*)
- Vesemir Hat 
- NPC Medic Hat (*)
- Avallach Cloak
- Novigrad Beanie (*)

(*) Items with this symbol are dyeable.


1. Put mod__hoods in your Mods folder.
2. Put dlc__hoods in your dlc folder.
4. Run ScriptMerger to deal with the potential conflicts. 
5. You're done.

To merge with Toggle-able Killing Monsters Cloak, choose both B and C. Look at the screenshots in images tab. 



- 1.0 : Initial release.
- 1.1 : Added capes.

- 1.2 : - Added a tricorn.
          - Added dangle physics to my "Pointy" hood.
          - Fixed Drogobar's cape.

- 1.3 : - Reworked diffuse texture for my hoods in order to make them look more worn.
          - Reworked cape icons.
          - Added 2 new hoods from novigrad NPCs.

- 1.4 : - Added a "Killing Monsters" cloak.

- 1.4.1 : - Find a way to make all of my items disappear when needed (sex scenes, etc)
     - Added localization strings so you can now make the translation in your own language. French is already done. 

- 1.5 : - Everything is dlc now. No more conflict with Shields. Make sure to uninstall the mod part. 
  - No more level restriction. (100+)
  - Added compatibility with DLC2Improved.
  - Added all the items at Elihal shop. 
  - Added Polish translation, by Yordheel.
  - Added Crach cape.
  - Reworked KM Cloak. Fixed square bug. Remodeled. Heavier. Thicker. Retextured. Reworked the ragdoll and maximum distance and latch to nearest paints.

- 1.6 : Probably the biggest update so far.
- Added 81 items at once : (Some of them are just here because I found them in the same folder as the items I was interesting in. So I added everything lol). 
- Pointy NPC Hood in 13 colors
- Medic NPC Hood in 13 colors 
- Bard Hat in 13 colors
- Merchant Hat in 13 colors
- Medic Hat in 13 colors
- Vesemir Hat
- Beanie
- Crach Fur (without the cape)
- KM Cloak Pointy in 13 colors (The previous version of the KM Cloak. The Classic model being replaced with my new model).
- Reworked the KM Cloak. Almost everything. Reworked the model, the weightpaint, the textures, the materials and physics, hairstyle. 
- Updated compatibility with DLC2Improved.
- Made Crach Fur standalone. So you don't need my other mod if you're just interesting in having the fur for Geralt and not for Crach.

- 1.7 : - Added 26 items :
- Bear Scarf in 13 colors 
- Baron Thug Scarf in 13 colors. (I know, it's more like a chimney collar but it was easier to call it "scarf".)
  - Added the possibility to switch between normal an lowered hoods (by pressing 9 on keyboard, or holding left thumbstick on controller) for these items : 
- KM Cloak
- Lynx Hood
- Classic Hood
- Alt Hood
- Pointy Hood
  - Reworked the KM Cloak a bit.
  - Updated compatibility with DLC2Improved.
  - Now, Crach Fur, Crach Cape, both scarves and lowered hood models are forcing the tucked variant or the hairstyle you are using.

1,000 endorsements, almost Hoods' first anniversary, Christmas in 10 days. The lowered hoods arrive at the right time.

Merry Christmas to you guys.
 At least to the ones that aren't lost in the streets of Night City and that will read that.

- 2.0 : - Transitioned to the dyeing system.
  - Added 6 items:
- Avallach Cloak (on which you can toggle the hood up and down)
- Fisherman Beanie
- Novigrad Beanie
- Crach Fur Alt (just the fur, without the metal decoration)
- Skelliger Hat
- Bandit Mask
  - Made all textures standalone so you can now use armor retexture without problems with the bear scarf and the cat hood.

Huge thanks to Aeltothmenschfeind13 and eNoodles for the scripts.
The 3 first models I made are based on OakenSh's Ciri - Alternative look hood that I have adapted to Geralt and heavily edited.
Huge thanks to Ding for teaching me redcloth making.