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Corrects the speed of NPC animations and more.

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Ever noticed that in the Witcher 3 NPC animations have weird speed (too slow or too fast)?
Let me intoduce 
Speed Force!
The mod corrects NPC animation speed, i. e. accelerates too slow anims or decelerates too fast anims. It changes the speed of each NPC animation separately. This is not about changing the speed of the whole NPC animation pack by one value.
I always didn't like that devs have deliberately decelerated enemies' combat animation speed, especially humans. Now they move like they really want to kill you.
The mod changes .w2beh files which don't affect cutscenes where it can ruin lypsync of speakable NPCs and suchlike.
The mod reveals its full potential together with the popular overhaul mods.


Detailed Changelist


  1. Download the latest version of the mod;
  2. Use TW3 Mod Manager or just extract the mod into the path: .../The Witcher 3/Mods/
  3. If updating replace the previous version of the mod;
  4. Run Script Merger to resolve any script conflicts;
  5. Launch the game.

Remove the mod from the Mods folder.

The mod should be compatible with everything if the following files don't have conflicts:

Here is the list of some popular overhaul mods are working well with Speed Force:
  • FCR3 - compatible with script merging;
  • ESGO - compatible with script merging;
  • W3Redux - compatible with script merging;
  • LFT - compatible with script merging;
  • Ghost Mode - use the corresponding compatibility from MAIN FILES;
  • W3EE - use the corresponding compatibility from MAIN FILES and set a higher priority;
  • Lazarus Project - use the corresponding compatibility from MAIN FILES and set a higher priority.

Here is the list of some popular mods which also change the speed of NPC animations:
  • Faster Fatties - compatible without script merging, but I don't recommend to use this mod along with Speed Force, because the accelerated animations by both of these mods in total will be insanely fast that it can be seemed silly;
  • Dynamic Enemy Stats and Speed - compatible with script merging;
  • Skilled Humans - not compatible.

Recommended Mods

  • CDPR for the best game ever;
  • WolvenKit Team for their amazing tool;
  • WonDoe for his excellent guide of editing the game animations.