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Quest items will no longer get stuck on the left pane of the inventory.

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The mod will remove quest tags for all non-relevant quest items, not letting them get permanently stuck in your quest items tab. Works retroactively, you can install the mod at any point of your playthrough and it will fix all the past quest items, not just the future ones.

There are 3 different reset conditions used:
  • Quest based reset - Every quest item in the game is now paired with it's relevant quest. As soon as that quest ends, the mod will wipe the quest tag off of every item belonging to that quest.
  • Location based reset - Used primarily for keys that get stuck in inventory after rescuing merchants from cages. Once the particular marker on the map is marked as cleared, the keys will lose their quest tags and you will be able to get rid of them.
  • Unconditional reset - Used for items that never even should've been a quest item. For example, Tesham Mutna mask.
  • And finally there are some exceptions. Items that will always stay in your inventory no matter what (Eye of Nehaleni, Pontar Pass, keys to Corvo Bianco and a few others).

This mod is for the Classic version of the game. Click here to download the Next-Gen version.

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Special version for Ghost Mode available. Do not install standalone version if you're using Ghost Mode.

Copy modFixStuckQuestItems folder to your The Witcher 3\mods folder.
Check for conflicts with Script Merger. Merge if necessary.

Delete modFixStuckQuestItems folder.
Run Script Merger to fix merged scripts (if any).

A huge thanks and kudos to the original author of the code I used for this mod - wghost81. Without her this mod wouldn't exist. Give her some love if you haven't already.