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Ever felt the game could use more random encounters? This mod takes care of that. It adds random monster spawns, dynamic & randomly generated monster contracts, random monster hunts and monster ambushes. Also adds events based on your actions. All entirely tweakable through a mod menu to completely change the way you play the game

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A bug-free, full of unique features, and customizable Random Encounters
Re-implementation of the original idea by erxv with its mod Random Encounters. Immersive mod to make the world feel more dangerous. Adds creatures all around the game based on the regions and dynamic events based on your actions in a seamless way. 


  • Custom monster trophies, to provide Geralt some coin for the monsters he hunts
  • Link RER's bestiary to Geralt's so he doesn't encounter creatures he hasn't met yet
  • Custom encounters like the Griffin hunt and the monster contract
  • Fully working monster hunts and interactive trails
  • Perfect performances, no drop in FPS on an encounter
  • Full control of everything with a complete mod menu
  • Support for console commands to start ambushes and monster hunts of any type
  • Event System to react to your actions. Entering a swamp can attract swamp creatures, fights noise can attract curious creatures, monster remains or Geralt's blood attract necrophages. 
  • Randomly change vanilla encounters by adding creatures to existing groups of enemies. A group of three bandits in vanilla can now be composed of three or more bandits, or even large creatures such as Griffins and leshens can now live in groups. Each playthrough will be different.
  • Tons of new unique spawn points for any kind of creature.

Got questions? Read RER explained to learn what's in the mod or fully understand its mod menu

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