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Usable items equipped in quickslots will be visibly holstered on Geralt's belt/hip.

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Equipping usable items in quickslots will make them be visibly holstered on Geralt's belt/hip (quickslot 1 item will be on the left side, quickslot 2 will be on the right). When you use these items, it will somewhat look like Geralt is taking them off of his belt.

Supported items:

-Torch (supports Torchlight mod as well)
-Magic Lamp
-Hornwall Horn
-Pellar's Bell
-Chort Lure*
-Shaelmaar Bait*
-Mask of Uroboros*
-Rowanberry brandy*
-Rowan branch*
-Basket of carrots*
-Grain Cup*
-Fragrant cake*
-Ripe apple*
-All bombs obtainable in vanilla game*

*I managed to add the censer by using the cutscene prop; that way it doesn't emit ashes. However, the downside is that, unlike the real item/entity, this prop has a noticeable fade in/out animation which somewhat ruins the illusion of you picking it up from your belt. I still think it's better than having no censer or having it spread ashes everywhere.
*The Chort Lure, Shaelmaar Bait and Grain Cup use the same model and are categorized into one setting since they work the same way (yes, I know the grain cup isn't a lure and it's real model is slightly different from the other two, but it's barely noticeable, and it works the same way as the lures, so...)
*The reason I added the Mask of Uroboros is because it does not work like other masks, but moreso like a usable item. Instead of being directly equipped on Geralt's face, you have to "use" it, after which Geralt will take it out and hold it up to his face. Well, now he doesn't have to pull it out of his аss.
*These are considered "pouch" items. They either do not spawn in, or it does not make sense to have them attached on the belt. Instead, when you equip these, you will see a pouch appear on Geralt's belt, and using them will not make the pouch disappear, as you are "taking them out" of the pouch. Yes, I know almost all of the items are bigger than the pouch, but I could not find/spawn a bigger pouch. I will look some more in the future. For now, imagine it's a magic pouch a sorceress gave to Geralt or something. Imo, that's still better than him just pulling items out of his аss. If you don't like it, turn it off in settings.

*1.2 introduces wearable bombs. Their positioning is somewhat inspired by the ANTR trailer, except they are on Geralt's right side instead of his left, and there are two of them. They WILL clip/look awkward with a wearable item in quickslot 2. I suggest turning Pocket Slot 2 off in settings. Or you can choose to disable bombs entirely. It's up to you.
You may notice that the bombs visually do not resemble their respective icons in the inventory. In fact, some of them don't even match by color. This is not an error on my part, my mod uses the specific entity for each bomb, this was just something the developers didn't bother working on too much because most people won't notice it in game. Each bomb uses the same model, and they are simply recolored (sometimes incorrectly). You can confirm this for yourself by aiming a bomb and looking at Geralt's hand. It would be great if someone who's good at 3D modelling could make a mod for the bombs' visuals/textures. I know nothing about that, I'm just a scripter.


*1.3 introduces dynamic bomb functionality and bomb position options. Here are the bomb positions:

You can change bomb positions in the settings, however you will need to respawn or use updatebombpos() in the console. Alternatively, you can use setbombpos(1-5) to change it in-game and see the changes right away.

Throwing or aiming bombs will make Geralt "take" them off his belt, then a second after throwing/finishing aiming the bomb will reappear on his belt if you still have charges left. So you can actually use this as a visual indicator of whether or not you still have charges.

-You can individually disable slots from showing their items

-If you change settings in the menu, you must reequip items or respawn in order for those changes to take place (for bomb position changes you must respawn or use console commands)

-I know the positioning will not be perfect for every outfit, but I am not going to try every single chest item in the game and individually adjust the positioning of all the items, then make the script check all of that. No way that's happening. I tried to find the optimal position and tested some of the more common gear (mainly Witcher sets). However, if there is a certain piece of clothing with which the items' positioning looks really off, tell me in the comments, perhaps I will make an exception.
1.1: If you don't like the way some items look with your outfits, turn them off in settings.

-Yes, I also dislike the positioning of the horn. It has a very awkward shape and I might fiddle with the position some more.

-If you find more usable items that you want me to add support for, tell me in the comments. I've added everything from the vanilla game and DLCs.

Just move the "Mods" and "bin" folders into your main Witcher 3 directory. You will most likely have to use Script Merger. If you are updating (this is especially important for 1.1->1.2+), delete the old version.

Patch 1.3.3:
-Significantly improves fps with torch (especially for people who use mods that affect torch light like "Natural Torchlight" and "Geralt Torch Radius Options")
*If you have 1.3.2 and don't want to reinstall the mod, simply do this: open with Notepad++ and on the 99th line replace "items\usable\torch\torch.w2ent" with "items\usable\torchleft\torchleft.w2ent"

Patch 1.3.2:
-Fixed bug with incorrect bomb position at spawn (only file that has been changed from 1.3.1 is

Patch 1.3.1:
-Using bombs to destroy nests will also make them disappear and reappear only if you have charges left.
*If you have 1.3, you only need the new file.

Update 1.3:
-Items will be hidden when Geralt is naked in cutscenes
-Added bomb positions:
  • Back, Lower (Original position, inspired by ANTR trailer; looks best on KM/Viper armor, but clips/looks odd with others; I suggest turning off pocket slot 2 item as it will clip with the bombs)
  • Back, HIgher (This is probably the most optimal position, fits most armors and doesn't clip with most pocket slot 2 items)
  • Front, Geralt's Right
  • Front, Geralt's Left
  • Akatoshka7 (Front, Diagonally; This is Akatoshka7's preset he shared in the comments, I personally am not a fan, but it doesn't hurt to have options)
You can change bomb positions in the settings, however you will need to respawn or use updatebombpos() in the console. Alternatively, you can use setbombpos(1-5) to change it in-game and see the changes right away.
-Added dynamic bomb functionality (throwing or aiming bombs will make Geralt "take" them off of his belt, then a bomb will reappear if you still have charges left, so you can technically use this as a visual indicator of whether or not you still have charges)
-Made bombs appear slightly smaller
-Slightly optimized the mod... maybe? idk
-Added support for Torchlight mod, uses vanilla torch entity

Update 1.2:
-Added bombs
-Added options to toggle Pockets and Bombs slots individually
-Optimized the way using items works. Doesn't use anymore, and the bug with items disappearing even though Geralt didn't use them (happened if you tried to use an item but it was blocked, such as using an item right after putting it away) has been completely fixed. This also improves torch usage in the aspect of Geralt automatically taking it back out after putting it away temporarily to do an action; there is no more delay now. iT juSt wOrKs
-Moved some code to make merging with AHW automatic

Update 1.1:
-Moved one line to merge better with Ghost Mode.
-Fixed: Using a nonWPI/disabled item and putting it back would make the previously equipped WPI/enabled item to appear on the belt.
-Fixed: Performing an action that causes Geralt to temporarily put away his torch (vanilla) and then take it back out again would make him have both a torch in his hand and on his belt (the fix isn't 100% perfect because for half a second you can see the torch on Geralt's belt when it is already back in his hand, but I can't really make it any better)
-Fixed: Examining a poster/painting/etc. would cause the items to disappear.
-Added Censer, Chort Lure, Mask of Uroboros, Rowanberry brandy, Mead, Chamomile, Rowan branch, Basket of carrots, Grain Cup, Fragrant cake, Ripe apple
-Slightly altered positioning of Torch and Magic Lamp
-Added settings menu, disable certain items from being shown
-Added "pouch" functionality
-Maybe more, I might've forgotten something

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