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Makes the ocean of various areas so cold that it affects Geralt's stamina and vitality and adds a potion to counter that effect.

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Icy Ocean

1. Foreword:

Ever thought that clearing all the points of interest in Skellige was just a bit too fun? Ever wished this was just more tedious? Say no more - I got you, fam.
No, honestly I know this doesn't make things exactly more fun but it's all about the immersion, right? Getting your boat torn apart by sirens in the middle of the ocean should be dangerous and not just plain annoying and boring.
This mod supports English, Italian, Polish, Russian and German versions of the game. NG+ is supported as well.

2. What this mod does:

This mod causes cold water to quickly drain Geralt's stamina. Once he has no stamina left Geralt will start to lose vitality (1% per second). The effect is indicated by a freezing border HUD display.
There is also a version available that drains 2% of Geralts maximum vitality per second.
To counter this effect Geralt now has access to the Skua potion which keeps warm in icy water and increases frost resistance.
The recipe for this potion can be found in random loot containers or bought from various herbalists.

3. How to install / uninstall:

Unpack icy_ocean.rar and copy everything inside into your Witcher 3 main directory.
IMPORTANT: Please run Script Merger to resolve possible conflicts.
To uninstall, just delete the dlc__icy_ocean folder in your DLC folder and the modIcyOcean folder in your mods folder.

4. Debug Console Commands:

If you have enabled the debug console you can add items directly into your inventory by opening it and typing:additem("itemID")
for example: additem("Recipe for Skua 1")
Do not copy paste Debug Console Commands! Type them in manually to make sure everything is working as intended.



5. Credits:

Thanks to FireFoxEnergy, CICHOCIEMNY1234, raderith for translating this mod to make it fully compatible with Italian, Polish and Russian versions of the game.
Thanks to DaVincix for his useful suggestions on how to improve this mod.
Thanks to RovanFrost for finding out how to fix the parry animation bug!