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Merchants sell items at their base/originally defined price. No bloated sale markups.

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Merchants sell items at their base/originally defined prices (the same price you see in your inventory menu for anything other than weapons&armor). 

By removing the markups the prices fall in line with what's said in dialogues and practiced in quests. An emperor's generous reward might actually afford Geralt more than a couple of day's worth of food and booze.

Just extract the contents into your The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt\Mods folder. Run Script Merger to merge the files if you have other mods.

Unmerge the files if you merged them before. Delete the extracted folder. 

Changed files:

Part of a larger economy overhaul.

Economy overhaul (in progress):
Craft Alchemical Bases
No Infinite Bolts
Deleveled Gear Prices
Lore Friendlier Shop Prices
Cheaper Repair
Shops don't buy Junky Junk

Related itemization mods:

Looting overhaul mods(in progress):
Reduced Lore Friendlier Loot
No Duplicate Relics
Well Stocked Craftsmen
No Decorative Container Looting
Rare Items Glow
Hand-placed Rare Items (included in Reduced Lore Friendlier Loot)
No Junk Weapon Drops
No Junk Food (included in Reduced Lore Friendlier Loot)
Loot Bags Glow without Witcher Senses
Greyed Out Junky Junk
No Junky Junk Drops

Gear progression overhaul(in progress):
No Higher Level Items in Shops (included in optional version of Item Levels Normalized)
Crafting Witcher and Relic Gear Requires Master Craftsmen 
No random item stats 
Full Combat Rebalance 3 (witcher set nerfs & much more, highly recommended)
Item Levels Normalized
No Level Requirements for 1.31