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Save your Pocket slots for items you can actually use, place all cosmetics into the new Accessory slots, which have some additional functionality

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About this mod:
The idea for this mod originated from wanting more Pocket slots, however, I came to the realization that it would be better to make new slots so that cosmetic and usable quickslot items could be separated. There are many mods that add cosmetic quickslot items, and while I prefer having every article of clothing be represented by an actual item in my inventory rather than selected in a menu, it bugged me that I had to give up a slot that could be used for an item that could actually come in handy. And this goes for masks in the vanilla game as well, which you sometimes have to equip for quests and such. This also meant that they would appear in the radial menu, which was completely useless, as they could not be activated or used; they were just a minor annoyance that made you scroll to the item you actually wanted to use.

With these new accessory slots, your pockets and radial menu will be free of cosmetics, and they will also have some new specific accessory-related features.

Note: At the moment I do not plan on adding more Pocket slots.

New features:
-Whenever Geralt takes his clothes off (specifically upper-body- so armor, shirts, etc.) in a cutscene, items equipped in the Accessory slots will be temporarily unequipped. If Geralt puts something back on or the cutscene ends, they will be equipped automatically again. My mod AHW does the same thing, but only for cloaks. This will work for any item equipped in an Accessory slot.

This means that items from mods such as Hoods do not need to be categorized as "masks" anymore (that would make them become hidden in sex scenes, but not other unclothed cutscenes), and can have custom categories. And that means that you can finally use Hoods items with masks, and they won't glitch out!

-If items are supposed to be unequipped during a quest (either all items, chest armor, or mask), the items in your Accessory slots will also be appropriately unequipped (for example: in fistfights)

-The game will stop you from equipping more than one cloak or cape. Not only is this for obvious reasons, but it also prevents a bug with AHW from happening. I can't promise this will work with every mod, but it does work with every cloak/cape from Hoods and More Robes. The item's name (not localized in-game name, mind you, but it's name in the XMLs) must contain "Cloak" or "Cape", or the item must have the 'AHW' tag.

-You don't need mods such as Wear Two Masks, because the vanilla game only checks the Pocket slots for this, so items in Accessory slots are unaffected.

-Vanilla pocket slots don't support dying items, but ASM all slots can have dyable items!

Which items are supported:
-All vanilla masks
-Mod items that have the following categories: "mask", "hood", "cape", "ring", "helmet", "Decorations", "decorations"
-Mod items that have the "Accessory" tag
So items from HoodsKM Cloak (Toggle-able),  More Robes, The Viking and Knight, E3 VGX BearbagSamurai Katanas, and Snake's Eyepatch are compatible 100%

For modders:
If you want to add cosmetic items to the game that will use the Accessory slots, just make sure that they have the "Accessory" tag, that is all. Your items can have both the "Quickslot" and "Accessory" tags, so that people who do not use ASM will be able to use them as normal pocket items. But as long as it has "Accessory", that will be prioritized, and they will be equipped into the Accessory slots.

If you want ASM to recognize your items as cloaks/capes, so that the player could only equip one, just make sure they have the "AHW" tag. This will also make them work with my AHW mod. Alternatively, you could make sure the name of your items includes "Cloak" or "Cape", but I would just use the "AHW" tag and not think about it.

In the vanilla game, only "large" slots have the necessary icons to display applied dye/dye selection preview, and only the main equipment slots (chest, pants, boots, gloves) are checked when you want to use a dye. ASM adds the icons to all slots (including accessories, of course) and makes it so that dyes are applicable to any item with the "Dyable" tag. So if you want to make dyable accessories, make sure they have this tag!

If you want contact me, it would be easier to do so on discord; you can find me on this server.

Note on ToggleASM console command:
Using this will switch between which slots are meant for cosmetic items. So, by default, they will be placed in the Accessory slots. After using this command, they will be placed in the Pocket slots like in vanilla. However, the Accessory slots will not go away, and any items you had equipped in them will stay there (you will even be able to switch their places, thought that doesn't do anything). Using the command again will revert the mod back to its normal behavior, but, just as before, any cosmetic items you placed in the Pocket slots will stay there.

This means you can equip up to 4 cosmetic items at a time. Do note, however, that cosmetic items placed in Pocket slots will not get the same benefits as those in Accessory slots. They will not be removed automatically in cutscenes, they will show up in the radial menu, you will not be able to use multiple masks (in both Pocket slots, that is), and any other checks related to Accessory slots will not work. 
Also, when you equip so many cosmetic items, do not forget that equipping items of the same category is generally not a good idea, and most of the time one of the items will simply not show up!

Side-note: the current "mode" of ASM (Accessory/Pocket slots for cosmetics) is saved in your savegame

All in all, this command is useful little feature I added for those who want up to 4 cosmetic items, but there are quite a few nuances and it is by no means perfect.

Note on Witcher 2 Overhaul UI version:
In the process of adding ASM features to W2UI, I ended up significantly updating the inventory UI of the mod itself. However, I made the changes with ASM features already present, and because I can't fully remove them and ridman cannot currently test the "normal"/non-ASM version of the W2UI update, it is not up on the Witcher 2 Overhaul page yet. However, you do not need the main version of W2UI updated if you plan on using it with ASM, since the merge already has all of the updates.
Simply use the ASM merge, give it the highest priority, and you will have updated W2UI + all of ASM's features.

Update: W2UI has been updated, though if you already use the ASM merge, installing the update is not necessary.

Installation and compatibility:
Move the "Mods" folder into your main Witcher 3 directory, use Script Merger to solve conflicts.

If you use Vladimir UI, this mod is already integrated! You do NOT need to install it.

If you use a mod that edits panel_inventory.redswf, check the merges in the optional files, they will have some additional installation info. If there is no merge for the mod you use, and there is a conflict with panel_inventory.redswf, then the mod is incompatible. Right now there are merges for More QuickslotsSort Everything60 fps GUI, all of the combinations, Enhanced EditionE3 UI and HUD, and Witcher 2 Overhaul UI.

If you use a merge that includes More Quickslots, do not use the main file. I have manually merged and included all the scripts from the main version in the MQS versions so that users would not have difficulties.

The same goes for the Enhanced Edition version. All scripts are included and corrected, you should not use the main file of ASM. Also, the EE patch should work with all EE versions (OG/Redux/Lazarus).

You only need to use 1 merge, and it must have the highest priority over all related files.

Make sure you unequip items from the Accessory slots before you uninstall! Otherwise they will be equipped forever!

-Added support for dyable items (ex: Hoods)
-Added new custom default icon for accessory slots
-Fixed slot hitbox for drag and drop
-Accessory slot items will be unequipped appropriately in quests (ex: fistfights)
-Major code rework

-Now checks for 'Body torso wet' in cutscenes to unequip accessories (so accessories will be unequipped during the cutscene in Vizima when you are being bathed/shaved for example)
-Added console command ToggleASM, read the note regarding it above

Patch 1.01:
-Added support for the "decorations" category, so items from mods like Samurai Katanas and Snake's Eyepatch will work