The Witcher 3

About this mod

Changes the default olive-like Toussaint lighting to a more neutral one.

Permissions and credits
      This mod aims to remove the olive-like filter in Toussaint to a more neutral and natural tone, while still keeping the original vision of Toussaint being almost like a fairy-tale land, with vibrant colors and tones. This mod isn't simply a toggle, but more of a general change. This mod was motivated by the fact that other lighting mods that edit Toussaint change the core feel of the map, so it not longer looks happy, vibrant or fairytale-like, which in my opinion is the Expansion's signature.

General changes include:

- Removes the olive filter while keeping original artstyle;
- Adds back Chromatic Aberration and Sharpening (if enabled);
- Increases brightness range from its capped limit;
- Corrects uneven lighting on clouds around midnight;
- Corrects lighting trajectory bug around 04:00;
- Gives night a more pleasing blue tone;
- Increases base visibility during day and night;
- Changes SSAO so grass is also affected;
- Boosts billboards viewing distance.


1. Download the file;
2. Extract the mod_FilterlessToussaint folder to your \The Witcher 3\Mods\ game directory. (if it doesn't exist, create one)
3. Launch the game.


1. Remove mod_FilterlessToussaint from the Mods folder;