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Adds warm winter clothing to all Skellige NPCs who were not properly dressed for the cold.

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Provides general clothing consistency by adding sleeves, pants, shoes, socks, gloves, handwraps and/or fur cloaks to all NPCs in Skellige who were not properly dressed for winter.

No more fishermen in cutoff shorts working by the icy water. No more shirtless bandits charging at you in their skivvies. No more adults dressed in heavy furs while their children run around barefoot in the snow. Everyone finally looks like they belong in the same environment.

The only characters that I left alone were the berserkers, since I figured werebears wouldn't mind the cold, and the three fistfight opponents because they're probably drunken nutjobs anyway.


If you install the mod mid-game: load your game, save, fast travel to Vizima, then return to where you were and save again.

This simple action will reset the active clothing meshes and allow them to display correctly. I don't want to hear about invisible body parts if you haven't done this.

If you submit a bug report without confirming that you've done the Vizima trick above, it will be deleted.

Do not use existing 1.31 saves on next gen or many mods that alter models/meshes, including this one, will display missing body parts.

Companion Mods

Skellige Winter Weather System - Makes the Skellige islands into a true northern environment.

Skellige Ice Breath - Great, immersive mod for cold environments.


Ghost Mode - use the GM version and give it priority over Ghost Mode.

W3EE - main file is compatible.

FCR3 - main file is compatible.

Skellige Ice Breath - both main and GM versions are compatible; give this mod priority.


The mod should cover pretty much every NPC to be found on the isles, but if you see any characters who are still missing weather-appropriate clothes, please send me a message with a screenshot, the entity path and appearance name, and I'll add them to the mod.

Do not submit bug reports unless you've taken the actions mentioned in the Installation section above.

Please be sure to list the template path and appearance of the character. You can use Legendary Hotkeys to easily view the info with a click of a button.