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No more trash monster encounters during the day.

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Trashy/random monster encounters that aren't connected to quests/points of interest should now only spawn between 22:00 and 04:00 (night time).

Why the mod?
For players who don't enjoy running into timesink/ADD combat encounters on the road every 20 seconds. Makes the gameworld more coherent as the peasants couldn't possibly survive all those packs of monsters and beasts roaming through their fields and so close to their villages during the day. Introduces a more significant gameplay difference to the game's day/night cycle, similar to The Witcher 1.

9pm is the latest hour peasants start leaving their fields to go back home. 4am is the earliest hour peasants leave their homes to work the fields.
Thus making monsters spawn from 10pm to 4am (which coincides with the game's actual night/sunset-sunrise cycle) should also prevent peasants and monsters from regularly sharing the same space at the same time.
Random noonwraiths previously spawned 05:00-19:30 (06:00-18:00 in Toussaint), they now spawn 12:00-13:00 (midday/noon).
Random nightwraiths previously spawned 19:30-05:00, they now spawn 00:00-01:00 (midnight).
Night-only versions of random wraiths (21:00-05:00), lycans(21:00-05:00) and water-hags(22:00-4:00) and HoS-only Ancient Leshen are left untouched.

Shouldn't affect nests/guarded treasures/POI/quest etc monsters nor encounters in the Crookback Bog swamp as the mod only adds a schedule to generic monster template spawning files.

Place the \modNoRandomDaytimeEncounters\ folder inside your \The Witcher 3\Mods\ folder (where your other mods are).

No script merging needed nor possible for the type of files changed by this mod (.spawntree). If in conflict with another mod (unlikely) just choose a load order/priority.

Delete the \modNoRandomDaytimeEncounters\ folder.

FCR3: compatible.
Random Encounters: compatible.
Enhanced Edition: compatible.
Ghost Mode: compatible.

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