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Makes medallion respond to monsters and magic.

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This mod makes Geralt's medallion respond to the presence of monsters and magic.  The medallion will emit a small sonar pulse and the eyes will light up when near a magical source, and the eyes will revert to the vanilla medallion when no magic is detected (eye change requires The Wolf Medallion).  The medallion appearance change can be blocked in the mod settings (mostly for book medallion users).  Geralt may also comment that he senses medallion activity in some way (intended for English voice only, see limitations below).  Medallion activation can also trigger controller vibration, screen shake, and sound effects.

The medallion activates when near:
Places of Power
Hakland Mage
Eye of Nehaleni Illusions
Magic Lamp clues and ghosts
Xenovox usage
Magic pigs
Megascope conversations
Whispering Hillock voice, heart and horse
Crone Tapestry during channeling
CGhost entities
Vampire-form Regis

The medallion deactivates when the above aren't near, or the player is in a dimeritium cloud bomb.

This mod also adds Witcher Hearing.  If enabled, it will temporarily turn on Witcher Senses when near a monster or beast.  There's also a minimalist preset to make visual noise nodes appear without activating witcher senses.

There's an additional setting to give active medallions to the other witchers who also inherit glowing eyes from The Wolf Medallion.  They inherit the same vfx settings used for Geralt.  Ciri inherits these as well for her two medallions, but the eyes will not glow as they do not in The Wolf Medallion.

This mod requires The Wolf Medallion to be installed for its primary purpose - making the eyes only glow in the presence of magic.  There's also an option to disable this component (Static Medallion Mesh set to On).

This mod checks for player proximity to magic.  If detected, the medallion stays as the glowing eyes variant.  If none are detected, it hides the medallion mesh and loads a newly made dlc entity that's a copy of the vanilla medallion for a given set of armor (39 entities exist pointing to the 39 vanilla pendant meshes).

Geralt may comment when the medallion activates.  Sorceresses are an exception
There are 10 visual fx to choose from for when the medallion activates.  You can also set it to none.  Easiest way to examine them is through spawning monsters spawn('ghoul') , or by approaching range of a place of power.
Settings for detection range and detection polling rate.
Setting for disabling medallion appearance changing.
Settings for controller vibration when medallion activates, and separate vibration settings for places of power to retain vanilla behavior
Settings for camera shake on activation
Settings for sfx to play on activation (30+ options)
Witcher Hearing - short activation of witcher senses when monsters/beasts enter detection range - settings exist for range, duration of activation, and check rate

Only vanilla textures are included in this mod.  That means this mod only works with the Vanilla Specular versions of The Wolf Medallion (VS Wolf Medallion Dash, VS Wolf Medallion Rounded, and VS Wolf Medallion Thin Streak).  If you use another version the material of the medallion will visibly change as the eyes activate and deactivate.

This mod is only partially compatible with any mod that changes the medallion mesh.  With Static Medallion Mesh in the mod settings set to On, the dummy vanilla medallion will not load in and you can keep your modded medallion appearance.  You'll still get the sonar pulse and Geralt commentary when near magic.

Voice lines are used and interrupted on a timer based on the English voice acting.  Russian language support provided by nikich340.  It won't work as intended for other spoken languages so be sure to disable that option in the mod menu.

This mod probably won't work with any newly made armors, unless that armor:
1) follows the normal naming convention for the pendant mesh
2) uses one of the 39 vanilla pendant meshes and associated cdyngcomponent

I won't make special accommodations for armor mods that don't use any of the 39 vanilla pendant meshes.  Your only option would be to Static Medallion Mesh to block medallion appearance changes.

Most of the game's dlc armors have a fade out transition when the medallion mesh is hidden.  I don't know why that occurs, but I used staggered loading and unloading to hide this as best as possible, but there may be situations when moving where that fade out can be seen.

The vanilla duplicate medallion doesn't persist on load, you technically spawn with an active medallion then the statemachine goes through the process of identifying and placing the correct medallion.  There may be cutscenes where Geralt's medallion is active for no reason.

If you try to activate Witcher Senses while Witcher Hearing is activating, then Witcher Senses will turn off even if you're still holding the key down.

Download and extract the zip file.  Inside you'll see the folders 'mods', 'dlc', and 'bin'.  Copy all of them.  Go to your Witcher 3 directory (you'll see the folders 'dlc', 'bin' along with other folders/files).  Paste into this folder as if you're trying to overwrite the vanilla's mods+dlc+bin folders with those from the mod.

[Next Gen only] - Add the following line to the end of dx11filelist.txt and dx12filelist.txt in\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc :

Run Script Merger and resolve issues.  If you're lucky most should automerge.

Launch the game, after the scripts compile and the main menu is visible, exit the game and relaunch.  Toggle mod settings to get things initiated correctly.