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An armor set loosely based on the description in the books

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  • Polish
Ever notice how each region in TW3 got their own armor DLC except Novigrad? (ok well it's not exactly a region but considering how much of the game takes place in Novigrad alone it may as well be)

Well worry no longer - this set aims to fill that void!

I based this set loosely on the description of Geralt's armor in the books but I also wanted it to feel like something Geralt would wear instead of it being a 1:1 copy (hence the pants being based on the viper/KM pants etc)

All of the items can be bought from Hattori's store in Novigrad

If you like this armor design but would prefer the stats of the witcher armor sets, consider checking this mod out and using the optional files :)

Future Plans:
Variant with no potion belt
Variant with bag on belt
Variant with no arm pads
Variant with no belt + no arm pads

Please keep in mind that, whilst they are planned, these may not happen

Unzip file and place "dlcnovigradarmor" in your dlc folder

Delete "dlcnovigradarmor" from your dlc folder

Console Commands
Base Game:
Armor: additem('novigrad jacket')
Pants: additem('novigrad pants')
Gloves: additem('novigrad gloves')
Boots: additem('novigrad boots')

Armor: additem('novigrad jacket ngp')
Pants: additem('novigrad pants ngp')
Gloves: additem('novigrad gloves ngp')
Boots: additem('novigrad boots ngp')

Any mod that alters the stats of armors

Huge thanks to everyone in the Wolven Workshop discord for all their help and most notably to Bjorn as I couldn't have done nearly as well as I did without his input and feedback.
Thanks to LordMazour for creating the Czech translation.