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Customize and combine features from different farm maps. Add daily forage and ore spawning to any location in the game, and stumps/logs/boulders/meteors anywhere on your farm.

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Farm Type Manager allows you to customize the features from Stardew Valley's different farm maps. It currently supports spawning ore and forageable plants on any map in the game, and spawning large objects (stumps, boulders, meteorites, etc) on your farm. You can configure the number of objects spawned per day, which areas or terrain types they can spawn on, the chances of spawning each object type, and more.

It also supports content packs, allowing other mods to handle this for you automatically.

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Download FarmTypeManager from the Files tab or on the GitHub releases page.
3. Unzip FarmTypeManager into the Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

If you use other mods that require Farm Type Manager, then you're all set here!

If you want to customize Farm Type Manager's settings yourself, follow these instructions:

1. Run the game using SMAPI.
2. Load the farm you want to customize or create a new one. This will create files for your character in the Stardew Valley/Mods/FarmTypeManager/data folder.
3. Open the .json file with your farmer's name on it. It's a text file, so any text editor should work.
4. Customize the file's settings. For more info, see the Examples below, the Articles tab, or the Settings section of the readme on GitHub.
5. Exit your farm and reload it, or progress to the next in-game day. The mod's settings are updated every morning.
Note: This mod will be disabled in multiplayer when you play as a farmhand (i.e. join a game hosted by someone else). Its console commands will still function, though.

This mod adds the command whereami to SMAPI's console. Enter it there to display information about the current map, including:

  • The map's name (e.g. "Farm" or "BusStop")
  • Your current tile's X/Y coordinates
  • The tile's terrain type (e.g. "Dirt" or "Stone")
  • Whether the tile is "Diggable" with tools
  • The tile's image index number (used to identify "Quarry" tiles or set up custom tile-matching)

This command can be disabled in the config.json file if desired, e.g. if it conflicts with another mod.

Below are a few examples of changes you can make to your character's configuration file, spawning various things on your farm or the other
in-game maps.

Most of the setting names try to be self-explanatory, but for more detailed information, see the Settings section of the readme on GitHub.

Spawn forage and respawn stumps on the farm:

"ForageSpawnEnabled": true,
"LargeObjectSpawnEnabled": true,

Randomly spawn new logs and boulders on the farm:

"LargeObjectSpawnEnabled": true,
"Large_Object_Spawn_Settings": {
"Areas": [
"ObjectTypes": [
"Log", "Boulder"
"FindExistingObjectLocations": false,
"PercentExtraSpawnsPerSkillLevel": 0,
"RelatedSkill": "Foraging",
"MapName": "Farm",
"MinimumSpawnsPerDay": 0,
"MaximumSpawnsPerDay": 2,
"AutoSpawnTerrainTypes": ["Grass", "Dirt", "Diggable"],
"IncludeAreas": [],
"ExcludeAreas": []

Spawn ore in a specific area of Cindersap Forest:
"OreSpawnEnabled": true,
"Ore_Spawn_Settings": {
"Areas": [
"MiningLevelRequired": null,
"StartingSpawnChance": null,
"LevelTenSpawnChance": null,
"MapName": "Forest",
"MinimumSpawnsPerDay": 1,
"MaximumSpawnsPerDay": 5,
"AutoSpawnTerrainTypes": [],
"IncludeAreas": [ "65,22/74,27" ],
"ExcludeAreas": []

Spawn LOTS of forage on the farm, but not near the house:
"ForageSpawnEnabled": true,
"Forage_Spawn_Settings": {
"Areas": [
"SpringItemIndex": null,
"SummerItemIndex": null,
"FallItemIndex": null,
"WinterItemIndex": null,
"MapName": "Farm",
"MinimumSpawnsPerDay": 9999,
"MaximumSpawnsPerDay": 9999,
"AutoSpawnTerrainTypes": [ "All" ],
"IncludeAreas": [],
"ExcludeAreas": [ "69,17;57,10" ]

Spawn modded plants on the summit, but only after rainy days & after year 1:
"ForageSpawnEnabled": true,
"Forage_Spawn_Settings": {
"Areas": [
"SpringItemIndex": [ "Juniper Berry", "Mint" ],
"SummerItemIndex": [ "Juniper Berry", "Mint" ],
"FallItemIndex": [ "Juniper Berry", "Mint" ],
"WinterItemIndex": null,
"MapName": "Summit",
"MinimumSpawnsPerDay": 4,
"MaximumSpawnsPerDay": 8,
"AutoSpawnTerrainTypes": [
"IncludeAreas": [],
"ExcludeAreas": [],
"StrictTileChecking": "High",
"ExtraConditions": {
"Years": [ "2+" ],
"Seasons": [],
"Days": [],
"WeatherYesterday": [ "Rain", "Storm" ],
"WeatherToday": [],
"WeatherTomorrow": [],
"LimitedNumberOfSpawns": null