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  • Config File Examples

    Config File Examples

    Table of Contents

    1. The basics
    2. Specific spawn areas
    3. Multiple areas at the same time
    4. Spawning different objects
    5. The "ExtraConditions" section

    The basics

    Enable Forest Farm style forage, respawn for existing hardwood stumps, and Hilltop Farm style ore (if your farm has a quarry):

    "ForageSpawnEnabled": true,
    "LargeObjectSpawnEnabled": true,
    "OreSpawnEnabled": true,


    Enable ore spawn on farms that don't have a typical quarry area:

    "OreSpawnEnabled": true,

    "AutoSpawnTerrainTypes": ,


  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Table of Contents

    1. Getting started
    2. Customizing the mod
    3. Using this with other mods

    Getting started

    "Does this mod have ?"

    This is what the current version of the mod can do:

    * Spawn forage on any map.
    * Spawn items on the ground or in containers, on any map. (See the GitHub readme's Item Settings section for supported categories.)
    * Spawn large objects (stumps, logs, boulders, meteors, giant crops) on any map.
    * Spawn ore on any map.
    * Spawn monsters on any map with customized stats, loot, sprites, and requirements. (See the GitHub readme's Monster Type Settings section for detailed options.)