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The VolcanoFarms mod change the sevens Vanilla maps, turned them into Volcano-themed farms, where no crop will grow. The Community Center Bundles has been changed, allowing it's completation with this 'gameplay'. Maybe not recommended for new players.

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Hello Everyone!
This is the VolcanoFarms mod.

An underground Volcano has turned this land into an arid land, where plants cannot grow, will you be able to get something out of these lands anyway?

This mod change the Vanilla's FarmMap (Standard, Riverland, Forest, Mountain, Wilderness, Four Corner and the Beach) with Volcano Dungeon themed Maps.
For help you in this adventure, the mod change the Community Center Bundle, so no crop is needed.

For work, this mod require:
SMAPI by Pathoschild;
Content Patcher by Pathoschild;
Farm Type Manager by Esca-MMC.

The zip file has 5 folder inside:
[FTM] VolcanoFarm_DailySpawn;
[FTM] VolcanoFarm_FirstSetup;
You need all of them when you are creating a new Farm for a "full experience".

For avoid bug or glitch: Do not use old save with this mods.

For more details, I've writed a README.txt inside [CP]VolcanoFarm mod folder.

If you liked the mod, please leave an endorsement!

If you have suggestion or feedback feel free to write me on the official Discord server with the tag @Wandox#6064 in the modmaking channels

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