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This mod adds insects as foraging items.

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Do you want more items to hoard, I mean collect and decorate your room? Have you fished all fishes and mined all minerals, and need something to fuel your collecting addiction? You have came to the right place!


New version need farm type manager for spawning to work.

- Description

This mod adds 30 new insects as foraging items to collect or sell for money. Each season has 10 different insects to find, winter has no collectable as insects are hidden, waiting for spring like in real life.

- Insect list and season avaliability


- 22 Spot Ladybird
- 7 Spot Ladybug
- Easter Lubber Grasshopper
- Luna Moth
- Orchid Mantis
- Painted Skimmer
- Spring Azure Butterfly
- Wild Honey Bee
- Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
- Yellowjacket


- Common Bluebottle Butterfly
- Elephant Beetle
- Giraffe Stag
- Hercules Beetle
- Horned Atlas
- Horned Dynastid
- Raja Brooke's Birdwing
- Wallace's Golden Birdwing
- Goliath Birdwing
- Cairn's Birdwing


-Bell Cricket
- Boxelder bug
- Common Darter
- Common Earwig
- Common Scorpionfly
- Dead Leaf Mantis
- Giant Cicada
- Variant Dancer
- Walking Stick
- Yellow-Tipped Tigertail

- Requirements

SMAPI 3.9.5 +
Json Assets 1.7.6 +

- Extras

My very first mod for Stardew Valley, criticism is welcome.
IF the mod breaks and I have disappeared from the surface of Earth, it's fine to make an unofficial version.
If you wish to use the sprites for your own mod please contact me beforehand.