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About this mod

A Large Foresty Themed Farm Mod (about 3x the base farm size) With Quarry. Replaces Forest Farm

Permissions and credits
A quarry
Extra Forageables spawn
Tillable Grass
about 3.25x the size of the base farm map.

Should be compatible with pretty much everything, as it doesnt add tiles or touch anything outside the direct farm map.

If you Find any Bugs, or any Tiling errors, please let me know.

To install just unzip and drop in your stardew valley Mod Folder, which should have been created when you installed Smapi

If you want it replacing a map other than the Forest Farm Layout farm please follow these instructions

Open up the mod folder
Open up the content file
at the bottom part you should see this.
     "Changes": [
        "Action": "Load",
        "Target": "Maps/Farm_Foraging",
        "FromFile": "assets/Forest Farm.tmx"

The part we want to change is words after Maps/
Standard is Farm
Hilltop is Farm_Mining
Riverland is Farm_Fishing
Forest is Farm_Foraging
Four corners is Farm_FourCorners
Island is Farm_Island
Wilderness is Farm_Combat

Just change Farm in that line to the one you want to replace it with, such as if you wanted a wilderness replacement, replace it with Farm_Combat.

Note that the custom features of those farms, like fish for river, or monsters for combat, will still be active!