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Multiple farm types in one with many quality of life changes and renewable forage items.

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Multi-Biome Farm is much bigger than standard Farm and combines features of several other farm types.
It's based on Farm Extended by Forkmaster and Farm Type Manager (FTM) is required for forage items to spawn.

This mod replaces the basic "Standard Farm".
*An optional file has been added to replace "Four Corners Farm", "Riverland Farm" or "Hilltop Farm". If you want to keep your "Standard Farm" intact, just download the optional file instead of the main one.

1. Spawning

  • Seasonal forage items and large stumps spawn in the lower-left corner of the map. Spawn rates depend on you foraging level - higher foraging level means there will be more items.
  • Beach forage items spawn in the upper-left corner of the map. Spawn rates depend on you foraging level - higher foraging level means there will be more items.
  • Stones, ore nodes and geode nodes spawn in the lower-right corner of the map. Spawn rates depend on your mining level - higher mining level means better spawns, e.g. you need to have at least level 9 in mining for iridium to spawn.

2. Farming

  • Layout optimized for up to 1728 crops - all automated with sprinklers and junimo huts (example in screenshots) but you can do whatever you want :)
  • Dedicated space for animals.
  • Greenhouse moved to the right.

3. Quality of Life changes

  • Minecart in the upper-right corner that can be used for travel (once Boiler Room bundles are completed).
  • Minecart in the upper-right corner that can transport you to quarry in the lower-right corner.
  • Passage to secret woods located in the lower-left corner.

If you use the "Riverland replacer" you will be able to catch the same fish as on the regular Riverland Farm.


  1. Install SMAPI
  2. Install ContentPatcher
  3. Install Farm Type Manager (FTM) by extracting the mod to you mod folder: "\Stardew Valley\Mods"
  4. Install this mod by extracting it into: "\Stardew Valley\Mods"


This mod won't be compatible with any mod that alters the farms' .tbin map files.
This mod may be incompatible (although still playable) with mods that alter Secret Woods. This mod makes a small change to this map so it's possible to use the passage between Secret Woods and your farm. This passage propably won't work (or it will only work in one way) if you'll change Secret Woods' map with a different mod.

I'm not sure to be honest :/
I looked into what files exactly are being changed by SVE and while there aren't any obvious conflicts it looks like SVE sometimes creates an object somewhere on your farm (based on X and Y coordinates) and those places may be inaccessible on Multi-Biome Farm.

So all in all it should be playable but looks like there may be some bugs.
I've never played with SVE before so I'm not even sure what bugs could appear :P


- Base mod.

- Simplified installation (now all you need to do is just extract files),
- fixed some collision issues (walking on water near quarry),
- added pond for ducks,
- fixed issue with errors on season change.