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A beautiful farm map, focused on designated areas for play throughs, rather than capitalising maximum profits. Sure, you can still make your capitalist fantasies come through with this map, but this is for those that just like to pre-plan their maps/gameplay :D

Permissions and credits
- - - Overview: - - -

Working on my Valley overhaul mod, I was struck with inspiration to make a cliff-y map with winding rivers and waterfalls. So here it be, welcome to Cliffside Falls!
FYI, I will not be making a mobile compatible version. I apologise, but I do not have the time nor will to do so. SDV 1.6 is already in Beta and I am fatigued just thinking about it. 

EDIT [20 Dec 2021]: If you're using Gweniaczek's Medieval Buildings, you MUST disable the "MapEdit" config (set it to false) in order to leave the map! I moved the placement of the farmhouse, so the edit can't replacing anything, just adding :'D You won't need it anyway, because the default look of the map has grass under the house anyway! 

- - - Update: - - -

-Can now reach the letter on Grandpa's Shrine
-Spouse Patio no longer cuts off the doghouse roof, but it does slice into the Giant tree next to it.
-Potentially fixed FTM spawning ores outside of designated areas

-Debris will no longer spawn on top of optional decor, ie benches, fences, etc. This will only be noticeable in new saves
-The bridge to the BusStop will no longer have debris spawn on it
-Completely barricaded the animal section with NPC barriers, so fences won't be needed to keep animals corraled
-Fixed some more visual overlay discrepancies
-Renamed some files to make it easier for me to keep track of them. This will NOT affect your save or your configurations. Feel free to drag your old config file into the updated folder and play as you do

- - - Features: - - -

This farm map is the same size as Standard farm map, but features designated areas for... whatever your heart desires! Most everything is customisable, excluding the actual layout. For more info on the customisable options, see the spoilers below. Can be played on any map, though I recommend Riverland for more fishing options and Hilltop for the aesthetic. This mod defaults to Hilltop, though this can be changed to any Farm map name (excluding Four Corners) in the config file either manually or through Generic Mod Config Menu.
Config Options: You can choose to enable or disable debris from the get-go, buy going into the config files before the map is generated. Simply edit one of the example config files and set "Debris" to "false". Or, for debris to manifest, set it to "true". Then, rename the exampleconfig to just config.json and you're good to go! Likewise, you can just start your game with GMCM and edit everything from there (with a much easier to understand ui).
  • Benches: Adds benches around the farm map. All benches and picnic tables can be sat on.
  • DirtPaths: Adds dirt paths around the Farm Map
  • DirtPlots: Replaces grass on left side of Map with Dirt Plots
  • Flowers: Adds flowers around the map
  • TownFences: For those who like designated lived-in building spots

    • House- Picket fence around the Farmhouse
    • CabinsNearby- Picket fence around the cabins in the nearby placement
    • CabinsSeparated- Picket fence around the cabins in the separate placement

  • CentreIslandPatios: Uses DaisyNiko's tiled path pattern on the island on the map, for a nice center piece for decoration.
  • PavedPaths: Sets a paved road leading from the house to the bridge
  • PathDivider: A stone walkway leading straight down from the hills into the large grassy plain on the bottom right
  • SafetyFences: Places fences around the map where the Safety Committee would claim fences are needed

    • Animal- Places wooden fences to mark animal enclosures
    • Cliff- Wooden fences blocking steep cliff edges
    • Water- Fences near rivers, but not every river

  • StreetLights: Adds street lamps to the farm map, specifically to help navigate the farm at night

  • - - - Requirements: - - -

    • Contet Patcher
    • DaisyNiko's Tilesheets
    • Farm Type Manager

    - - - Install/Uninstall: - - -

    Extract zipped files. Either keep all files together in my [Hippo] folder or take out the [CP] and [FTM] folders and place them in the Mods folder.

    I would suggest installing it on a new save. I would NOT suggest uninstalling this mod after playing with it.

    - - - Mods I Recommend: - - -

    Map recolours, foliage retextures, and/or reshades to make this map POP. Would, sadly, not recommend Vamoosi's Rosier Coloured Glasses or DustBeauty's Stardew Valley Foliage- Original/Reshade recolours as DaisyNiko has not made compatibility for the former (yet) and is unable to colour correct for the latter two, as SFR has been removed for downloads. 
    Ambient Light by SixthTitan, for that extra ambience
    Better Fruit Trees by CatCattyCat (Nexus), so you can plant fruit trees close by. Use the unofficial version for SDV 1.5.5+ here: Unofficial Update by Strobe (Chucklefish Forums)

    - - - Mods in Pics: - - -

    Click on preview pictures for map recolour names.
    Haneulbaragi's Farm Buildings by Haneulbaragi (Naver SDV Forum)
    Cream Craftables by Wally32 (Naver, will need login)
    Garage Retexture by Wally32 (Naver, will need login)
    Cloud Horse/Tractor Retexture by GH (Naver Blog)
    Stardew Foliage Redone- Foliage Only by DustBeauty (Nexus)
    Decorated Hoe Dirt & Fertiliser by Kaya (Personal Blog)
    Project Yellog Modular Recolour Option by Yrikururu (Nexus), settings set to DarkGreen grass, Mocha dirt, and DarkBrown rocks.

    - - - Graditude: - - -

    Erin, from the Modding Discord server, who tested this map for me in SDV 1.5.5