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Adds new forage items that will only start spawning during festival days. These items will match the theme or idea of those days such as colorful eggs during Egg Festival and more flowers during the Flower Dance.

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This is just a little mod that I made for fun and doesn't really do anything major.

I originally made this mod for myself, thinking it would be cute to have the eggs be reskinned to look like Easter eggs during the Egg Festival, but then I thought about "what if I could have these items spawn throughout the valley during that festival?". That's when I decided that maybe I can give some more alternative stuff that you can do while waiting for a festival to start or if you don't want to join the festival at all but still want something else to do. I'll try and make sure that this mod still keeps the gameplay balanced, however.

Something that I forgot to mention: the new forage will not spawn automatically when the day starts (well, some could, but not all of them), so they will keep spawning as the day continues. There are also a set minimum and maximum number for how many will spawn.


Looks like someone has been leaving behind little colorful treats for anyone to take in the middle of spring.  Do you think you'll be able to get some of them? All of the eggs that you can find are covered in colorful foil too! Now how did that even happen?

Have the egg hunt OUTSIDE of town! Colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies have a chance of spawning throughout the valley, all free for the taking. Take note though: those that have spawned but have not been picked up will disappear the next day! Oh, and no need to look for them in the desert or the beach because they don't spawn there. I don't think anyone would want them to be coated with sand. >_<



The elusive crop fairy seems to be in a good mood this late spring and now the valley is growing more colorful with the abundance of flowers!

Some flowers and spring forage are growing much more throughout the valley! However, this sudden growth also causes them to wilt the next day, so be sure to get them before they go away! These new forages will only spawn in the grassy and dirt areas of the valley, so no desert or beach flowers.


More Coming Soon~!

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  • Ducks by Elle/Junimods - [LINK]
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