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This mod upgrades the Hilltop Farm map to a terraced mountainside farm.

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This mod will replace the HIlltop Farm Map with a new terraced mountainside farm. There's a quarry area in the lower left at the bottom of the mountain and a small-ish meadow. This map was made for players who like to have a lot of organization but keep a natural feel to the farm.

This mod also replaces the Farm Cave map to add... a secret tunnel! The tunnel provides a shortcut from the top right near the Farmhouse, the bottom left near the Quarry, and the bottom center near the exit to the woods. It also provides a little bit of extra storage for secret treasure (or just extra kegs).


- All grass tiles are diggable/farmable
- Access the secret tunnel by walking through the new cave entrances or walking over the trapdoor at the bottom of the map
- Includes a Farm Type Manager file to expand the quarry section of the farm

Recolor Notes

I've made separate versions of this map which are compatible with the Vibrant Pastoral Recolor and DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour mods. Download the one that you like best! I don't have a plan to make a vanilla version of this map yet, because the gradient and shorter cliffs would be lost. I may get to it eventually!


This mod won't be compatible with any other mod that replaces the Hilltop Farm map OR the Farm Cave map.