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A replacement for the Forest Farm, adding a small, connected area and cave.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the Forest Farm map (so is incompatible with mods that change this) along with adding two completely new (but small!) maps connected to the farm. This additional area is locked behind the steel axe upgrade, so the forage found within mimics the Secret Woods.

Side Waterfall Map Features
  • A spring to recharge energy
  • Forage spots
  • Spots for fishing
  • A connected cave that spawns level-scaled ores
  • Marked as a Farm, so you can use the land to grow crops. (1.5.5+ required)

  • The vanilla warps are all retained, so the only map this mod affects is the Forest Farm.
  • The Warp Totem spot is the only warp that has been changed, I've fixed it to spawn at the statue properly.

  • All new art assets are made by me (echomics/blyndshot), including recolors of existing Stardew Valley tiles (namely, the cave tiles).