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Simply a small farm, inspired by the farms of the basic game. Nothing extravagant.

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Hello there, this little farm replace the Standard Farm by default.

I wanted a smaller farm, but I didn't find one to my liking. So I made it, without using unnecessary things, exactly with the same resources of official Farm Maps.

Not a lot to tell about the east side, a good "one man sized" land for crops, some grass for animal, tree, or only decoration, and a lake for trash fishing.
I wanted to allow grass growth and spread on grass, so most tiles are diggable (but, like me, you can choose to not dig on grass).

The woods are thought for being an extension of the secret woods, so :
_only accessible by the greenhouse bridge (not by the south),
_The 4 stumps daily respawn,
_The same forageables spawn (mushrooms, Fiddlehead Fern...),
_Slimes are there (greens, and blues).

Also :
_There is a "exit only" for the official Secret Woods (south-west),
_There is a small quarry,
_Some "special weeds" spawn in the woods, and more the first day of spring (for mixed seeds).

For install, unpack in the Mods folder.
You will got two new folders : [CP] for Content Patcher and [FTM] for Farm Type Manager.