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Adds Junimos to the Secret woods. Also has a Prompt Specific version which only adds them in summer, along with more ferns and more slimes.

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Whipped this up from a prompt for the Stardew Valley Discord Summer Event.

Its very Simple, Adds Junimos to the secret woods

One Verson is for all seasons.
The other is More specific to the prompt, which asks for Ferns, Slimes and Junimos.

For Compatibility, I've converted each junimo be an individual Edit to the base map, so it should now work with other things that override the base map. To a degree, Since I'm overwriting the squares where the junimo's are placed, there will still be some incompatabilities. Just to let you know

(Note that I only replaced the base version, so if there are events in the secret woods that have their own maps, the junimos wont be there)

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs, I did test it myself, but I also made it in a few hrs so I'm Paranoid.