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Improves the spawn rate of beach forage and adds crabs to the Beach!

Permissions and credits
This mod makes the beach less sparse by increasing the spawn rate of regular beach forage items.

  • Increases spawn rate of beach forage.
  • Same spawn distributed across left and right side so there is no discrepancy.
  • Adds seaweed drop chance.
  • Adds crabs to the beach which have a 50% chance to drop a Crab.

—Mod Prerequisites—
- Latest version of Content Patcher
- Latest version of SMAPI
- Latest version of Farm Type Manager

Place the folder Better Beach Forage in /Mods

EscaMMC for the FTM framework and super quick responses to my million questions.
MouseyPounds for quantitative testing!
Everyone else at on the Stardew Valley Discord channel with their feedback!

* The thumbnail image is not representative of the actual spawn rate.