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A Huge farm map to replace four corners (about 6x larger). This Farm Fuses all the bonuses and aspects of all the Farm types. (see the mod description for further details)

Permissions and credits
This Mod is my attempt to make an "Everything" Farm Map. It replaces the Four Corners Farm map.

This Map has:
~Tillable Grass
~Forest Forage in the Northern Grassy Areas
~Respawning Stumps (If it is on Grass)
~The Weeds that always drop Mixed seeds will spawn every day.
~The Dark Dirt Spawns Ore every day as the Hilltop Farm does.
~The beach area has both Beach forage and the boxes that was ashore from the island Farm.
~The Western River Contains Mountain Fish (and non-ocean crab pots)
~The other Rivers Contain River Fish (and non-ocean crab pots)
~The Ocean area Has Ocean Fish (and Ocean crab pots)
~Several Warp points around the map to help you navigate through its rather large size. [Walking into a Portal will take you to the warp map, where you can walk into the symbol you want to be moved to]

~Is a Layout on the Stardew Planner if you want to use it. (Note: you might have to zoom in on the page to work in the corners, the planner [And Stardew] was never designed for maps quite this large)

Mods you Might need/want for this.

Waterproof Items- To Help you not lose items in the large amounts of water on the map.

CJB Cheats- Specifically because this has a instant tree grow button, so if you wanted to do something like: plant a fruit tree in the forest area, the respawning stumps there may interfere with growth (as a fruit tree needs all adjacent tiles clear to grow, but not produce) so you can skip the phase where you would need to keep the area around it clear.


As far as I'm aware it should be mostly compatible with SVE (I don't personally play with many mods that add content), It doesn't change anything outside the farm map, nor does it edit the greenhouse, farmhouse or farm cave interiors.

Minor incompatibility with recolors, as I had to custom make the river water into ocean tiles.

Otherwise it should be compatible with pretty much everything.

None as of 1.5.5 (that I know of)

If you encounter anything odd, a bug, a tile misplaced, or a mess up on my part, please let me know. I try to bug test everything, but sometimes things slip through.


Just unzip the file and drop it into your Stardew Valley mods folder! (which is created when you install SMAPI)