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An wild west styled farm map with a really interesting old shack on it! Goldrush replaces the Hilltop Farm.

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  • Portuguese

This mod replaces the Mountain Farm Map with a completely new one, with more space and much more flair than the original Hilltop Farm. "Goldrush" aims to create a Wild West feeling with an old mine area next to your farmland. You can crush your ores outside and inside of the mine. The broken old shack is repairable with some materials and can be used for your machines after that. (If you're curios how we did this, you can check the source code on GitHub.)
Besides the mining area there are also some unique landscape shapes your might not have seen till now. :)
Goldrush comes with its own farm cave and matching Overworld Map Edits for Vanilla, SVE and NPC Map Locations.

For the shack inside there is a config now, which is to find in the "[CP] Maps" folder. Choose whether you like your shack "Original" (Default) or "Clean".

* * *

* Unique Designs specially made for this map *
* New waterfall Ambient Sound *
* Repair the Shack - Quest *
* Custom Maps for the Shack *
* Matching Farm Cave *

I'm really curious how you will set up your farms on this map, so if you have a nice farm-layout feel free to post a user image of it. :D

"Goldrush" is a replacement of the Mining Farm Map. So obviously this mod is not compatible with any other mod which changes Hilltop. :)
Same is for the farm cave. Other mods who changes the Hilltop-Farmcave will course trouble.

Also not every recolor is compatible with this mod and my own Tilesheet. But I integrated compatibility with the 4 most used (so I think) recolors. If you like, you can play "Goldrush" with:

DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour
Starblue Valley World Recolor
Vibrant Pastoral Recolor
Elle's Dirt and Cliff Recolor

If you play with Vibrant Pastoral Recolor and have the Orange Fall Version activated, you have to change the config from "Green" to "Orange".

"Goldrush" is compatible with SVE.
The Shack is compatible with common Interior Mods and Recolors.

There are a few lines of text in different locations on this map. Following languages are included as of now:

English, German, Spanish, Chinese

If there is anyone out there interested in offering another translation, please PN me. :) I will send you the text lines for the translation and share your work for other players as part of this mod!
I know, there are some good translation tools out there, but I would have a better feeling if a native speaker take a look at this and I don't have to trust completely in Chat GPT or something else. :)

  • Download and install the latest version of SMAPI
  • Download and install the latest version of Content Patcher
  • Download and install the latest version of Farm Type Manager
  • Download and install the latest version of Extra Map Layers
  • Download and install the latest version of Alvadea's TileSheets
  • Download and install the latest version of SAAT - Audio API and Toolkit
  • Download the latest version of this mod and unzip it, then copy the 'Alvadea's Farm Maps' folder into your Stardew Valley/Mods directory.
  • You're done; run the game using SMAPI!

The biggest THANKS to my dear friend Jaksha who made the code for this map! Without that the outcome would be much more boring. You are awesome! <3

Also thanks Ailin for the spanish translation,
xuzhi1977 for the mandarin translation
and AexJJ for Elle's Dirt and Cliffs Recolor!