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In celebration of Spring and Easter, now you can add cute Easter Bunnies to your game!

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A mod to add some color and humor for these trying times, and available just in time for Easter.  :)

This mod adds three adorable colors of Easter Bunnies that hop around and lay brightly-colored Easter eggs.  They produce less often than normal rabbits, but the eggs are very valuable, and they have a higher chance of producing rabbits' feet.  And you can also process the eggs to make valuable Easter Mayonnaise.

By default, the eggs are only available as forage in the Secret Woods from Spring 11-13.  If you want to buy them from Marnie, there's a readme in the BFAV folder that explains how to make this change.

8/14/21 UPDATE:  Fixed it to work with the latest BFAV update (my dinosaurs were hatching into white chickens).
Also added green bunnies.  And retouched the bunny colors a little bit.

This mod requires Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety.  You can get the latest working update here:

This mod also requires Json Assets, PFM (for mayo), and FTM (for egg spawns).

The Easter Bunny sprites are based off the hopping rabbits sprites by Feathercatch:

Future plans: maybe make the Easter Eggs purchasable from the Traveling Cart?

I haven't tested this mod with Animal Husbandry but I think it should be compatible on the most basic level.  If there's interest, I can make it fully compatible.