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Greetings, traveler! This mod is a complete reboot of the awesome Khajiit Speak SE mod by mjharper, re-written from the ground up.

Khajiit wishes for you to browse this clever modification. You will download and utilize it in your playthrough, yes? Trust in Khajiit, he would not lie! This is known...

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Name: BA_KhajiitSpeakRedux
Author: Shiholude
Category: Immersion


Greetings, traveler! Khajiit wishes for you to browse this clever modification. You will download and utilize it in your playthrough, yes? Trust in Khajiit, he would not lie! This is known...

This is a complete reboot of the awesome Khajiit Speak SE mod by Matt Harper (mjharper), re-written from the ground up. The original mod is NOT REQUIRED for this, nor is it a master. This is a completely new mod!

That said... Welcome to the Bad Ass Khajiit Speak Redux mod!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!! 

What does it do? I'm so glad you asked!! It "translates" the game's dialog responses from common tongue phrases to more immersive Khajiit-focused phrases, tapping into their unique voice dialect and mannerisms.

The Khajiit have a strange way of talking to others, mostly using third-person phrasing. Additionally, they have other quips and mannerisms that I feel should be captured through the dialog interactions with NPC's... and that is what this mod sets out to accomplish!

The main file is for Skyrim SE, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. So if you are planning a Khajiit playthrough, all you need is the main file inlcuded here and the Vanilla game (plus the expansions). 

However, I have created a bunch of patches for several other mods that I use as well, which are included in the main file FOMOD installation tool. These additional files are all in ESL format! 


November 4th, 2021: Main File

 - Main File (v5.1) changes:
- All known bugs have been fixed.
- A VERY BIG THANK YOU to kpvw who informed me of several (six total) typos and bad references. Damn copy/paste!
- Thank you to vivisiow as well for finding a speech oddity!
- CFTO fixes
- More to Say (Falkreath) fixes

- New Files Added:
- I'm Glad You're Here
- Penitus Oculatus
- Sidequests of Skyrim
- Tavern Games - Mini Games in Skyrim
- Thieves' Night On the Town -- Tnott



MAIN FILE: BA_Khajiit_Speak_Redux_FOMOD

This FOMOD installer contains all the mods that are supported, converted, merged, and "KOT'ified."

The below picture shows all of the mods that I have converted to date. For individual mod links, see the "Permissions and Credits" pull-down above.

If you do not see a mod that wish to see converted, be sure to check out the "OTHER KHAJIIT SPEAK MODS" section at the bottom of this page, as one of the other excellent conversion authors may have already done so!

If you still do not see your desired mod listed on their pages, then feel free to request it in the comments and perhaps either I, or another conversion author (or perhaps YOURSELF?) will have time to convert it, hmm?


Here is an image with more details of all the mods (Right-Click the image and select "Open in New Window" to view and zoom in on the image)


So, I used the original mod by mjharper, and loved it! There was clearly a massive amount of effort put forth to get that one completed, and I respect it greatly (even more so having gone through it myself now)!

However, with Matt's absence, there have been a few issues that were never resolved. Furthermore, as mjharper does not have a clear sharing license/permissions for his work set up, other people could not simply update his work on the nexus (rather only for themselves). Therefore, I made the now-questionable decision to rebuild this puppy from the ground up - as insane as that sounds...

So, what makes my mod different? I have employed several generalized "rules" for how I envision the way that a Khajiit would talk - and then deployed those rules across the entire canvas of dialog. Not only to the main topic that is "spoken" by our PC, but all prompted responses as well (most of which the original KS did not catch).

I have completely built this myself, using my own dialog additions and interpretations. I am sure that there will be some similar phrases and words that will overlap between the original KS mod and this one, but I did not purposefully reference, copy, or use mjharper's ideas in any way when making this. Any similarities are purely coincidence!

See the "TOTALS" row in the picture above to get an idea of just how many lines of dialog I've converted or reviewed, and you will understand the scope of this project... it is hella-huge!


1) 1st Person References.


2) Contractions.

3) Asking Questions and Making Statements.

4) Commonly Used Phrases.

5) Relationship & Gender References.

6) Other Race References.

7) Specific Words & Phrases.




So, there you have it. My Khajiit Speak Redux mod in a very long nutshell (maybe its one of those mutated nut shells that has three peanuts in one shell instead of two, perhaps?)...

I hope that you enjoy it! Feel free to comment and point out anything that I might have either missed, or said grammatically incorrect (for a Khajiit).

The sheer number of hours spent staring at dialog lines makes me feel as if I have been on every quest and adventure in the base game... 27 times! :)

Farewell, friend. Khajiit wishes you good fortune. May the twin moons light your path...


Skyrim SE
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (it turns out that this one IS required after all! Besides, if you aren't using this mod, then you aren't Skyrim-ing right!)

Highly recommended:
EZ2C Dialogue Menu (no longer on Nexus, but you might find it somewhere) 
Better Dialogue Controls 

These last two are highly recommended, as either assists with showing all the dialog options. With the base game, there are two factors that impact the dialog menu, character limits per line of dialog response option, and the number of dialog options. If either of these are exceeded, then some options may not be shown on the display. Having one of these will mitigate this issue. 


1.  Download and install via your favorite mod manager.
2.  Read the included ReadMe file for installation instructions or additional information. I understand the irony of including this install step in a ReadMe file for installation that would only be read if someone opened the ReadMe file in the first place. JUST SHADDUP AND DO AS I COMMAND!! :)
3.  If unsure of the contents, or to learn more about the mod, use SSEEdit to inspect the contents.
4.  If there are any conflicts to resolve, you might benefit from running a Master Update via SSEEdit or other merging program (WyreBash, zEdit, MatorSmash, etc).
5.  When ready to play with the mod, open your mod manager, place a checkmark beside the .esp file, and run the game.
6.  Enjoy this fine product from Shiholude!


1. Open your mod manager, and uncheck the .esp file.
2. Select the file from the mod directory and uninstall it.
3. Run your “Master Update” again (if you’re using such a file).


This file overwrites a METRIC-&%#$-TON of dialog (more than 62%  69% [AS OF PATCH 2.0] 70% [AS OF PATCH 4.0] 96% [AS OF PATCH 5.0] of the PC lines).

That said, "the last one loaded wins" scenario applies here. If you are seeing inappropriate verbiage in game, you must have a lower ordered mod (higher priority) conflicting with this.

However, even though I've reviewed all the dialog (yes, all 191,385 (as of v 5.1) lines of it across all the mods I support) numerous times, there still might be a topic or response or snippet of NPC response that I missed. If so, let me know and I'll investigate it!


No known issues at this point, please let me know if you find any in the "BUGS" tab above.


If you see repeats that other modders have already converted, this means either that my philosophy above differs enough from their work to warrant a different version, or I just haven't reviewed their work yet. Either their work is referenced below, or I will have a MERGED version in my files.

Load order will always be the same for these: after the main file, in whatever sequence you wish to support your load order.

I strongly encourage everyone to use a tool like ZEDIT to merge all these optional mods into one single ESP. Due to the nature of how this mod interacts, I feel that it should remain an ESP. Even though xEDIT may tell you that it can be ESL'ified, I wouldn't do that. It offers a lot for a single slot in your load order! Please note that all converted mods will be in ESL format. 

1) Aurlyn Dawnstone - requested by OceanDotEye. Conversion being considered by ChrRubin. This is a big one. Not 3DNPC big, but still)!
2) Kaidan 2 - requested by Pinesteins, being converted by ShadowWolf8215
3) Beyond Skyrim - requested by SnowPanther23. Not likely to be done by me.
4) There Is No Umbra - Chapter II - requested by tbryson01. Not likely to be done by me. 
5) (your new request goes here)


Private Message - Shiholude


Thank you to mjharper for making the original Khajiit Speak mod. You have inspired me to make this one!
Thank you to the other mod authors that have allow me to use their works in this mod! See the PERMISSIONS/CREDITS section.
Thank you to Bethesda for creating Skyrim and Skyrim SE!
Thank you to all the other modders that continue to make this game playable, over and over again!
Thank you to everyone that continues to support and download my mods! I love this community!
Thank you to The Ta'agra project for your absolutely amazing website! Visit it here: THE TA'AGRA PROJECT


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