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A unification of Realistic Needs and Diseases (RND)’s eat, drink, and sleep mechanics with Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO)’s food, inebriation, item distribution, and effect changes. An optional dynamic food plugin allows virtually limitless compatibility without external patching.

Permissions and credits
A unification of Realistic Needs and Diseases (RND)’s eat, drink, and sleep mechanics with Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO)’s food, inebriation, item distribution, and effect changes.  An optional dynamic food plugin allows virtually limitless compatibility without external patching.


Design philosophy
RND and CACO complement each other in their core strengths (needs / alchemy improvements) but conflict in some areas (food / alcohol).  The design selected for this project removes those conflicts from RND thus allowing CACO to use it’s expanded food items and distributions within RND’s system while relying on RND to perform its core functions (needs and diseases).

iWant RND for CACO introduces a new Dynamic Food system if the corresponding plugin is used.  A longtime weakness of RND has been the requirement that each food item be manually patched in a plugin file.  In fact, it was this requirement that led to the original development of iWant RND for CACO.  With the Dynamic Food system, known food is updated dynamically to use RND mechanics.  Unknown food can either be treated as a minor food and drink or, based on the user's preference, identified when first consumed.  Once identified, the food item will be recognized through all future games (including new characters) as long as the created user database is accessible.  Spoiling of Dynamic Food is integrated into the native spoiling mechanics.  Unless a classic RND visual experience is preferred (with it's identified patching requirements), use of Dynamic Food is recommended.

In the context of iWant RND for CACO, Dynamic Food is now the preferred method of patching mods without native RND support.  Most patch requests, if completed, will be done through this system.  Patch requests will likely be processed faster if the requester provides a user database file (Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\iWant RND for CACO\Dynamic Food\user.json) with the items classified.  This can be most easily achieved by playing with the target mod and Dynamic Food installed for a period of time with user identification enabled.  Provided JSON will be vetted then introduced to master database for all iWant RND for CACO users to benefit from.  To submit a patch request, complete a bug ticket with the name of the mod, a link to the mod page, and a user database file if available.

In Game
RND will operate mostly like it originally did with the following changes:

  • Most items introduced by RND will not be found.  This includes food, specialty drinks, and camping supplies
  • Inebriation will be handled by CACO rather than RND
  • The boiling mechanic is now automatic
  • Cow milking will be handled by CACO
  • The sugarball should not be given to the player if you have SkyUI
  • The sugarball menu has been updated but it's use is not recommended

CACO should operate entirely as designed except:
  • CACO’s basic needs (hunger and fatigue) system should be disabled.  While technically it won’t break anything, debuffs from each system (RND and CACO) could be applied until you eat or sleep.

Dynamic Food:
Use of the Dynamic Food add-on is generally recommended.  Native RND descriptions (e.g. "Filling meal") have been removed for items handled by the add-on.  In it's default configuration, known items will be renamed as they enter the player's inventory to signify their relative use as food and/or drink.  Renaming can be disabled to allow an RND experience without repetitive food details being presented.  If the user elects to enable it, unknown food items will prompt for a one-time categorization.  After this one-time time action, the item will be known on all future encounters.  If user configuration is disabled, unknown items will deliver a small nutrition and thirst benefit.

Load Order
There is now an installer which help with selecting the appropriate patches.  Patches should be applied as needed in the following order:
  • RealisticNeedsandDiseases.esp
  • iWant RND for CACO.esp
  • iWant RND for CACO with USSEP.esp
  • iWant RND for CACO with Hearthfire Wells.esp
  • iWant RND for CACO with Falskaar.esp
  • iWant RND for CACO with Wyrmstooth.esp
  • iWant RND for CACO with SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators.esp
  • iWant RND for CACO with Dynamic Water (Optional patch)
  • iWant RND for CACO with Vanilla Water.esp (Optional patch)
  • iWant RND for CACO with Cathedral Water Overhaul.esp (Optional patch)
  • iWant RND for CACO with Realistic Water Two.esp (Optional patch)
  • iWant RND for CACO with Drinking Fountains.esp (Optional patch)
  • iWant RND for CC Fishing (Optional patch)
  • iWant RND for CACO with Lexy’s LOTD.esp
  • iWant RND for CACO with Dynamic Food.esp (Recommended optional patch)

Other RND patches *should* work but may break the internal consistency of CACO if they’re not patched to account for it.  Other CACO patches should work but may not contain or may overwrite RND effects.  The RealisticNeedsandDiseases.esp plugin can be placed anywhere in the load order before any of its patches as all conflicting records have been removed.

Works with iWant RND Widgets.    Dynamic Food should be loaded after iWant RND Widgets.

Does not require iWant Drinking Fountains for CACO to be compatible with Drinking Fountains of Skyrim for SSE.

Because no one did it for me.  Seriously, I checked on and off over the years from LE to SE and never found a suitable solution to the problem.

Following a recent hardware upgrade (thanks 2600k, you served me well), I decided to reinstall Skyrim.  After debating whether to migrate my old working-but-fragile install or build new, I decided to give Lexy’s guide a go.  It is an awesome guide and the result has been rock solid with an internal consistency I like (without the endless hours of manual record patching to get it).  I found I didn’t have the fortitude for a full manual build this time around so I decided to give Wabbajack at try.  It proved to be an awesome time saver.  Once you have a good grasp of manual modding, I recommend giving it a whirl when you want to get running quicker.

The challenge I ran into was that CACO is tightly integrated into Lexy’s when built by Wabbajack.  CACO, while great, doesn’t have visual indicators for needs.  Since I had iWant RND Widgets in my personal arsenal, I had gotten used to seeing when I was hungry.  I looked into pulling out CACO but that was going to be more work than I wanted.  I then looked for CACO / RND patches (again) and didn’t find anything complete.  Like iWant RND Widgets, I decided it was time to solve the problem and went to work.

I realized that cutting conflicting parts out of RND was going to be the most sustainable path over time.  Since the original RND was static and public domain, I decided to begin there and build things so that future changes would be minimal if CACO evolves.  As a side benefit, this version of RND could, in principle, be used for any future food overhaul since basically just the needs engine remains.

The actual patching work, how can I put it...SUCKED.  This probably explains why no one did this already.  It wasn’t too bad once I got into a rhythm but compared to simple drag and drop xEdit patching, it took a bit of effort.  First I had to find each food item in CACO.  Then, for those items, I had to add the RND and Frostfall effects.  Some of this was drag and drop from the mentioned sources but most of the items had no reference material built so manual adding of effects, not to mentioned deciding which effect seemed appropriate for each item, had to be done.  I originally piled all this into a single Lexy patch but decided it was cleaner and better in the long run to break it out so I had to revisit each item, which ultimately proved useful in finding some errors .

Hopefully this narrative helps you understand what goes into building a mod and triggers an interest to make some part of the game, big or small, just a little bit better.

This project was originally developed in February 2020.

Potential improvements
  • Testing!  I’ve done some, but I am one and you are many.  Please test and log bugs you find.
  • Review all scripts to determine which plugin items can be removed.  All the item, dialogue, and likely other record types could be removed if they’re not referenced anywhere in the scripts.  This would further streamline the plugin.
  • Update CACO patch to disable and remove CACO hunger and fatigue options.  This is an unaddressed overlap but one easily controlled by the user.
  • Determine if werewolf mods require patching and implement if needed.  Nothing in Lexy’s conflicted but there is an edit to werewolf feeding that could impact other mods.

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