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Your followers are able to kill enemies silently

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SKSE free
Compatible with everything (may have issues with a fancy script-driven AI like Inigo)

XBox version is available

Your followers are able to kill enemies silently (just as you do). 

Watch the demonstration:

Review, thanks to Preykousis

Review, thanks to Brodual

How to make your follower to perform instant kill
1) [Optional] Give the invisibility potion or fortify sneak potion (they can use the vanilla ones)
Followers can also use the available Invisible or Muffle spells if they have enough magicka.

2) Make sure that your follower is equipped with sword or dagger. Ranged weapons ARE NOT supported.
3.A) Talk to your follower. Select the topic \"Take down the enemy silently\". Either you OR your follower should see the target (you can adjust the camera in the dialogue mode)

3.B) Alternatively, use the "Prepare" topic to recieve the Takedown Sign. Cast it to the ground near the enemy to give the stealth attack order. Cast it near the follower to remove the spell if you no longer need it. Spell will be also removed automatically when you interact with objects in the city.

4) Your follower will try to approach the enemy undetected and take him down.

If you want several followers to perform a stealth kill at the same time, only first follower will use the AI package.
Others will use the inaccurate script-based approach.