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You have more to say. NPCs have more to say. This mod adds miscellaneous inconsequential dialogue to existing NPCs.

Permissions and credits
  • Chinese - Mandarin

More to Say adds inconsequential dialogue to NPCs, constructed from the NPC greetings and miscellaneous lines from the same voice type. It is fully voiced, using existing sound files from Skyrim Special Edition. It aims to stay true to each NPC's character and story, though some liberties are taken to add character depth. Currently, this mod covers the NPCs in Riverwood and Shor's Stone.


-- miscellaneous dialogue with Riverwood and Shor's Stone NPCs.
-- fully voiced using the original game files.
-- the player can repair their relationship with Sven or Faendal after A Lovely Letter is complete.

NPCs covered: Sven, Faendal, Hilde, Alvor, Sigrid, Dorthe, Embry, Gerdur, Hod, Frodnar, Stump, Orgnar, Delphine, Lucan, Camilla, Ralof, Hadvar, Grogmar, Odfel, Filnjar, Sylgja, Shor's Stone Guard.

Installation / Uninstallation

To install, download the main file with your favorite mod manager. Or download and unzip the archive, and place the two files (the esp and the bsa) in your Skyrim data directory.

To uninstall, simply delete the esp and bsa. Warning: This mod adds some scripts. My understanding is that uninstalling will spoil your active save, and you must start a new game. Generally, it is a bad idea to uninstall a mod mid-playthrough, and regardless of whether it seems to work for you, this is not supported. 

Load Order and Compatibility

Use LOOT to set your load order. Otherwise... More to Say goes somewhere in the middle, I suppose? Because More to Say is mostly adding new records, it should not matter much.

This mod should be compatible with just about everything. Use of No NPC Greetings (Special Edition) or a similar mod reducing the frequency of NPC greetings is highly encouraged. Any discovered incompatibilities will be reported here.

Minor "incongruities", on the other hand, (where NPCs say something that doesn't make sense with your game) might be expected if you are radically changing Riverwood, the Main Quest, or the Civil War in your load order. 

My testing was done with:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul SE
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
No NPC Greetings (Special Edition)
Better Dialogue Controls
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE

All of which are highly recommended.

A Note About Repetitiveness

While not strictly required, use of No NPC Greetings (Special Edition) (or a similar mod that limits the frequency with which you hear greetings) is highly encouraged. I had to make a choice whether to remove the greetings I used from the NPC greetings loops. If I removed the greetings, there would be less chance you would hear the same line twice from the same NPC. But it would mean potentially having to supply patches for an unknown number of other mods that edited those greetings. I chose instead to allow for greater compatibility and leave the greetings alone. As a bonus, it makes working on this mod a bit easier as well.

Please keep in mind that, as I understand it, even the most aggressive version of No NPC Greetings will not prevent you from ever hearing the NPC's greetings: the NPCs can still offer them when you enter conversation, just not when you are 100 feet away.

So. When reporting bugs, please let me know about repetitive lines that bother you, but also let me know if you are using No NPC Greetings. And please keep in mind that there are only so many recorded lines in Skyrim. Sometimes the only choices available are "meh", "mediocre" and the same thing I just used. So, while I may feel your pain, I may not change /fix every instance of repetitive dialogue. I hope you understand.

I found during testing that, for myself at least, using No NPC Greetings, repetitiveness of lines was within acceptable parameters. Your mileage may vary. This mod may not be for everyone. But I do hope you'll give it a chance. :)

Translations and Ports

XB1 port by HarriHoney.

Traditional Chinese translation by hor0303.


Any plans to move on outside of Riverwood?

A: Yes! My other modules are in very early stages though. When done, each will be published here, as a separate download. When enough are done, I will provide a merged download.

Q: Is there an XB1 version?

A: Yes! Thanks to HarriHoney for the port. The XBOX version can be found here.

Q: Will there be a version for Skyrim LE? PS4?

A: I do not plan to do this myself, but I have left open permissions to anyone who wants to do the port. Just credit me and notify me please.

Q: Can I translate this mod to [my language]?

A: Permissions are also open to anyone who wants to translate this mod into another language. Just credit me and notify me please. Also, please let me know what I can do to support you on this.

Traditional Chinese translation by hor0303 can be found here. (thanks hor0303!)

Q: Is this compatible with [my favorite mod]?

A: Almost certainly! I'm trying very hard to keep this compatible with other mods. It is at this point only new records, so there should not be any conflict resolution or patches required. The most likely compatibility issue you will encounter is with other mods that change the context in which the lines are given. For example, some mods might significantly changing the nature of Riverwood, the Main Quest or the Civil War. Some NPC lines in More to Say are conditioned on the player's progress in these quests, and they may no longer make sense. I hope this answer is clear enough.

Q: Why do I keep hearing the line [X] over and over?

A: Many of the NPC comments are taken from NPC greetings. To minimize conflicts with other mods, I have not edited or removed the greetings I used, or any other lines. Someone could do this, if they wanted, but conflict resolution would be required with other mods making changes to those greetings. And I prefer to keep the mod more compatible. This is why No NPC Greetings is highly encouraged as a companion to this mod.

Q: Are you including voice files or just pointing at the existing voice files?

A:  The Creation Kit requires the voice files to have particular filenames, including the associated form ids as part of the filename. I haven't found a way around this, so yes, I am including voice files in the bsa. 

Q: Is this an ESPFE (ESP Lite) plugin?

A: Yes! At least, the Riverwood modules are ESL-flagged ESPs. This means they does not count toward the 254 or so maximum number of plugins. No promises for future modules, but if it's possible, advisable, and not too much of a hassle, I will prefer ESL-flagged ESPs.

Q: How can I get to line X?

A: Let's not spoil people, shall we? Here's some general advice for the Riverwood module:
  • Talking to people will unlock more dialogue for other people.
  • Talking to people after completing different stages of the early Main Quest, A Lovely Letter, and the Golden Claw will unlock some dialogue.
  • Some dialogue depends on whether you chose Hadvar or Ralof.
  • Try not to worry too much about any particular bit. This is all pretty inconsequential dialogue. That's part of the point.

Q: Do I need to start a new game?

A: To install, Yes. More to Say is using a single start-enabled quest. So, if you add the mod to an existing save, you won't see the new dialogue. To update, the answer is: maybe. An update to a new major version (ex. 2.x -> 3.x) will require a new game to update. An update to the minor version or patch version will not require a new game. But check the sticky in the comments for details before updating.

Q: Um, actually Sven's ballad in the More to Do optional file is a sonnet. Don't you know the difference?

A: Thanks for pointing this out. Sven describes himself as a prodigy and only spent a short time at the Bard's College. Maybe he is capable of writing great poetry, but is less aware of these sorts of distinctions.

Q: How can I start the new quests in the More to Do optional file?

A: Finish the Golden Claw and A Lovely Letter. Lucan will give you one. The other can come from Faendal or Sven, regardless of which one you sided with earlier.