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Assortment of patches for Khajiit Speak and various other mods.

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I've been going through my load order for Khajiit playthrough with BA Khajiit Speak Redux. Got every patch available on Nexus, but still had some mods not covered. So, here I am with even more patches for Khajiit Speak.

Now, huge thanks to shiholude for providing go-to rules to think like Khajiit, be a Khajiit. I've tried my best to keep dialogs close to original, while maintaining Khajiit's way of talking.
Anyways, if you happen to encounter any mistakes or see a way to improve any phrases let me know.

What's included:

  • Khajiit Speak extensions. These rewrite dialogs added by the mods.

  • Compatibility patches. These merge records here and there to avoid unwanted overwrites from Khajiit Speak. FOMOD installer contains description what each patch does.

Load order notes:

Most patches are not sensitive as to where you put them. However, some of my patches need to be loaded after other patches provided on other mod pages.

  • BA_KhajiitSpeakRedux_MAIN.esp is a master for all "extensions". While technically those plugins do not depend on it, they should not be loaded without main BA Khajiit Speak Redux mod. (You can safely remove it from masters using xEdit's Clean Masters)

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