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Allows the player to show their appreciation to their followers , spouse and adopted kids by dialogue and a hug animation. Fully voiced dialogue.

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This is the official SSE port of the same titled LE mod.

TL;DR: This mod lets you hug Inigo!

Features Overview:
This is a moderate-sized mod that adds features to allow the player to express appreciation for their loved ones and friends. The dialogues are followed by an optional animations.

The mod comes with an MCM, each feature can be enabled, disabled, and configured as you want them to be.

Demonstration video of 2.0.0:

Hug Dialogues

The mod adds appreciation dialogues to several NPC classes in the game. When used, the NPCs will reply with various voiced lines and an animation of your choice.
As of 2.0.0, the mod has a selection on 2 hugging animations, and one saluting animation.
Some NPCs will reply environment-aware, with lots of variance in their lines, most NPCs have 4-5 randomized lines, and some not common NPCs have just one line.

NPC classes:
- Follower: The condition for followers is just that, well, they have to be your follower. You roleplay it however you want, you hug them from whatever point in the game you want, from whenever you see fit.
- Animal followers: Mostly dogs from Dawnguard and other mods. The mod provides a vanilla petting animation, but there are other options as well.
- Spouse: Any NPC with a "lover (4)" relationship rank is considered as a spouse/lover for the mod, and the spouse dialogues with optionally more romantic animations will apply.
- Adopted child: your adopted children also have their own dialogues.

What NPCs are supported?
The mod will work for any follower, any spouse,  and all of your adopted children. If the NPC has a vanilla voicetype, their response will be voiced. This includes NPC's that are not normally followers or spouses! So if you use other mods, that turn a certain vanilla NPC into a follower or makes them marryable, this mod has got you covered! - They will have voiced responses for you. This includes but is not limited to for example: Karliah, Vex, Valerica, Astrid, Isran, Brynjolf....

So what about modded NCPs who have custom voicetypes?
Popular followers get native voiced support. These are automatic scripted patches - no patch esp etc. All you have to do is have both the follower mod and my mod installed, and the NPC will have fully voiced responses to all my mods features. The current list of voiced patches:
Patched on my mod's end:
  • Inigo
  • Lucien Flavius
  • Sofia
  • Rumarin from Interesting NPCs
  • Kaidan 2
  • Auri - Song of the Green
  • Mirai - the Girl with the Dragon Heart
  • Triss Merigold
  • M'rissi
Patched by their own author:
  • Lucifer the Argonian
  • Xelzaz the Telvanni Argonian [locked to vanilla animation only]
  • Remiel
The mod will still work on every other modded follower out there, but they will only respond with silent smiles or their default goodbye dialogues.

The mod also adds dialogues to give gifts to your spouse(s). The gifts they accept depend on their style. For example, a mage spouse is likely to accept books, soulgems, a shady character will like dark tools, a fighter will adore shiny weapons, a bard will like new instruments, etc. They all accept general valueable gifts and flowers.
If your spouse accepts your gift, they will of course at least hug you.

Welcome Home!

Another feature for spouses and adopted children are the welcome home forcegreets. Hug your spouse once, and after some ingame days have passed, your spouse and your kids will forcegreet you with a hug when you meet for the next time.

Read the attached article about how to fine-tune and manage who, when, and how is supposed/allowed to forcegreet.

Letters From Home
Another (optional) feature of the mod are letters from home. NPCs who you have not seen for a while (past followers left behind, or your spouse and kids at home) will write you all sorts of letters. The letters and their theme is dynamically generated based on the writer's attributes and relationship towards the player.
See the dedicated article to get to know the depths and settings of this feature.

What else does the MCM do?
The mod is fully configurable in the MCM. You can enable/disable the hugging animation, set hand positions (who hugs who), set whether to automatically exit the dialogue after the hug, set your preferences for allowing NPC's of the same gender as the player, and so on.

Hard requirements:
The mod cannot function without these properly installed.

  • REQUIRES SKSE64. If your game is up-to-date (you allowed steam to update, game version 1.6.x), you need SKSE 2.1.5 or newer. If you never allowed steam to update (i.e. you are on legacy SE, game version 1.5.97), you need SKSE 2.0.20.
Facultative requirements:
The mod is capable of functioning without the mods below. This does not mean the mod will immediately function out-of-the-box without them. So please read and understand what each of these mods do, and what you need to expect if you're not using them:
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer (DAR):  Required by the mod's custom animations. These animations are enabled by default. Therefore if you want to play the mod without DAR, you must disable these animations in the MCM, and you can only use the vanilla animations.
  • SkyUI. Necessary for the MCM (mod configuration menu) to show up. If you don't have SkyUI, the mod will prompt to you with an installer window when it
  • is loaded up for the first time on your game, where you can set up the core preferences, and will otherwise run with default settings.
  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP). This contains an important meshfix that prevents the vanilla hug animation from bugging out. The vanilla animation is enabled by default. Therefore if you want to play the mod without USSEP, you must disable the vanilla hug animation in the MCM, or risk being exposed to the killmove-hug issue.

Complementary mods:
  • For 1st person view players: Immersive First Person View / (Off-site) Improved Camera Beta / Joy of Perspective. Without one of them, the player's right hand is not visible in the 1st person animation, and for some specific NPC's, face clipping may occur during the animation. A first person camera mod fixes both of these, making the 1st person animation look infinitely better. (in the SE screenshot, the Improved Camera is used. In the LE screenshots and the demo video, Enhanced Camera is used.). 

Can be installed both on a new game or on saved games at any point.
  • Recommended: as always, with your favorite mod manager.
  • Manual: only at your own responsibility. Extract the contents of the archive to Skyrim/Data.

Do not uninstall mods with scripts from your saved games.
It can't be stressed enough that removing a mod with scripts from your active mid-playthrough save is not safe. There is no guarantee that it won't break your saved game beyond repair, and there will be no support for your issues if you go against this warning.

The mod's main features are added by implementing new own stuff, therefore it should be compatible with almost everything. Known exceptions:
  • [Slightly incompatible] Mods that edit instruments: My mod edits the vanilla instruments so that they can be gifted to bards through the gifting feature. This is not an essential edit and it's safe to be overwritten if another mod needs to edit instruments as well. There is a patch available for Skyrim's Got Talent.

There's a very tiny fraction of followers who are not recognized properly by the mod. The list of currently known such NPC's:
  • [SSE Specific] It's been reported that Vimune is not recognized by the mod after she's adopted. Source files were not published with her mod, so patching from my end is not possible at the moment.
  • [Patch available] The way Miraak - Dragonborn Follower SE is set up, it needs an explicit patch for now for his lines to work, otherwise he just responds silently.

Optional Patches:
1) Pet the Dog Animations: allows you to use JaySerpa's dog-petting animation.
How to use:
a) Download and install the Pet the Dog or Immersive Interactions mod. You only actually need the contents of its meshes/ folder for this to work, you can disable the esp if you don't want the mod itself.
b) Download the patch from my optional files. It has a guided FOMOD installer, just select which mod is it you want to patch and load the animation from.
c) In the in-game MCM of my mod, under Follower Settings for Animal Animations select the "Pet the Dog by JaySerpa" option.
That's it, you're good to go.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting:
  • Quick NPC Faceclipping during 1st person animation: Using (Off-site) Improved Camera Beta will fix it.
  • If you use Alternate Conversation Camera ( or other face to face conversation mods), it's highly recommended to turn off all "goodbye"-s in my MCM, in order to avoid weird rapid zooming in and out during the animation.
  • If there is an object between you and the NPC (a bench, a stool, a pot, a wall...), the animation might be skipped. Move in closer and try again.
  • When creating dialogues for NPC's that aren't followers/spouses in the vanilla games, I only did the ones that I know that have mods for them. If you find an NPC I missed, let me know.
  • There is a very tiny fraction of followers who are not recognized properly the mod. Their known list is the compatibility section, let me know if you think you found another such npc.

There is now an official xbox port of the mod, called version 1.1.0c, as a courtesy of Squeezie15.
This edition is forked from version 1.1.0, with the following tweaks:
- Added the vanilla animation for petting dogs
- Added the QoL thing that NPCs unequip their shields before the animation
The xbox version is final and will not be updated to the standards of the PC version.

See permissions and credits tab for the list of people involved in this project in some way or another.

Personal comments from the author that in fact nobody
really cares about, but it's still there:

This mod was originally made with only Serana in mind, because I always felt that I'm lacking a way of expressing anything towards her, especially  after the dialogue where she asks if you have friends, and then says you just made another. After that, this topic is NEVER revisited in the vanilla game. I accepted that she's not marriageable, but even this...? No.
I then extended the mod to all followers and spouses because why not, and added the vanilla hugging animation provided by Bethesda. Behold version 1.0.0. Then the mod just kept growing.

Oh and yes - you can even hug Cicero with this mod. He'll like it a lot.