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Khajiit Speak Extended Extended ... well, extends Kahjiit Speak Extended. Over time, I will add some smaller mods that I use and can not expect the author of Khajiit Speak Extended to add. They can't do everything, after all, especially since I have some 500 active mods, many of which have dialoge, even if they are just small lines here or there.

Permissions and credits
Khajiit Speak is a must-have immersion mod for my Khajiit characters. It has it's limitations however, since many of the mods that I use and can not go without are not supported. To remedy that, Aelarr has graced us with the fantastic Khajiit Speak Extended, which you should obviously download immediatley if you are a lover of the cat-folk and have somehow never heard of it.

And while Aelarr is currently in the process of providing patches for several larger and commonly used mods (I honestly don't know how long that list is already, I probably don't even want to know ... you are doing the Lord's work, my friend), I couldn't wait any longer and wanted to provide some assistance so Aelarr doesn't have to do all of this alone. I hope that is alright. The mod name is obviously a bit ... on the nose ... aswell, but I hope this one will be forgiven for this infantile joke.

I'm starting out with Dunmeri Leaf Swords, one of my favorite weapon mods, because I haven't seen anyone asking Aelarr for it. But I will, in the coming time, make patches for more mods I use. Down below you will find a list of mods that I plan on doing. If there are mods you wish to see covered, then feel free to ask. If I am a) using the mod in question myself and b) it isn't something I know some one else is already working on then you may just find yourself in luck.

This is my very first mod. Ever. So if something doesn't work, please let me know. I tested it on my end as far as I could, and since it's only a dialoge overhaul, there shouldn't be much that could break as far as I understand, but still, let me know if anything goes wrong. That goes double if you find any spelling mistakes or other things of that kind.

Install with the mod manager of your choice or install manually by dropping into your data folder. Only thing you need to watch out for is that the individual patches need to be loaded after the mods they patch - you know the drill. The files are also flagged as ESL for your convenience, so they won't count towards your plugin limit. This one lives to serve.

One more thing: I will not provide versions for LE, since I have stopped playing LE a long time ago. If you want to convert it for use with LE, you are however free to do so. Be my guest. Honestly, I don't know if it would be much work, but still. Can't test it - won't do it. A member of the community has recently let me know that this mod works as-is on LE, so no port might be necessary, but use at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any potential PC explosion occuring.

Mods currently covered:

-Dunmeri Leaf Swords (one small side-not: I didn't only edit the dialogue in the style of Khajiit Speak, but I also made one other change: In the original mod, if you are a Dunmer, Garilam will offer an additional line of dialogue where you can comment on experiencing discrimination from Nords. I made it so you can now also trigger this as a Khajiit - you can see how that pans out in the screenshots)
Provincial Courier Service

Mods planned (Some of these are already finished and in use on my end, but the speed at which I will upload these patches will depend in large part on how quickly the authors of these mods respond to my requests for permission. Just keep that in mind):

-Hoth (Done!)
-Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (Done!)
-Provincial Courier Service (Done!)
-Palaces and Castles Enhanced (Done!)
-Caranthir Tower Reborn (Done and awaiting permission)
-Legend of the Eagle's Nest (Done!)
-Project AHO (Done!)
-Carved Brink (Done!)
-The Tools of Kagrenac (Done and awaiting permission)
-Lucien (Done!)
-Serana Dialogue Edit (Done and awaiting permission)
The Tale of Tsatampra Xiros (Done!)
-The Forgotten City (Done!)


First and foremost, credit goes to mjharper for the original Khajiit Speak mod. Credits also obviously goes to Aelarr for Khajiit Speak Extended, which I appreciate so much. Huge thanks also go to shiholude for answering my noob questions about how to do this stuff in the first place, kudos to you!

General credits also goes to the Ta'agra Project. They have done a fantastic job at fleshing out the Khajiit language. So, if you find a Ta'agra word or a phrase in this mod (of which there are some, mostly when talking to other Kahjiit or when I felt the player character would fall back to his native language in moments of emotional stress), you will find the translation on their website. And for all the Khajiit lovers out there, it is a fantastic ressource if, for example, you are intending to roleplay a Khajiit in ESO, you now know where to look for all your Ta'agra needs ;)

Credits for the mods I patched:

-billyro for the Dunmeri Leaf Swords mod. I know it's kind of silly, but thank you for giving me permission for my first ever mod upload, does actually feel kinda nice :D
-arthmoor for Provincial Courier Service (and so many other fantastic mods, to be honest)
-SetteLisette for Palaces and Castles Enhanced
-HaemProjects for both Project AHO and Carved Brink
-Kinaga for Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul
-Hothtrooper44 for the Hoth follower mod (and all his other mods!)
-Joseph Russel for Lucien
-SlimeSire for The Tale of the Unspeakable (and honestly, all his other FANTASTIC player homes, this guy is a gnius of atmosphere)
-TheModernStoryteller for The Forgotten City
-FlahoShi for the original Legend of the Eagles Nest and draco1122 for the SE port

Recommended mods:

-Khajiit Speak (obviously, wouldn't make much sense to use this mod with out it. It's not a requirement, of course, but ... why would you)
-BA Khajiits Speak Redux (shiholude the fucking legend rebuilt the ENTIRE Khajiit Speak from the ground up to fix some issues with the original that were never fixed. Just to be clear: This is not a "patch" of Khajiit Speak, it's a whole new conversion of the entire dialogue of base game plus DLC thta replaces the original Khajiit Speak in its entirety!)
-Khajiit Speak Extended (covers some great mods like Inigo and Clockwork. Aelarr did realy great work with this one!)
-Raptor's Khajiit Speak Patch Collection (This one is similiar to what I am trying to do, but the great thing is: He covers only mods that I don't use myself, which is great, because that means there will be even more mods covered for your possible loadouts)
-Khajiit Speak - More Patches (similar to the above and convers even more mods that I don't cover myself. The Khajiit Speak community is growing!)
-Khajiit Speak - Creation Club and Misc. Mods (this one is great because it patches some of the Creation Club DLC. If you use any of them, definetly give them a try. I use some of them myself.)
-Khajiit Speak Patches Assortment (another entry into the Khajiit Speak community. Note: Use their Lucien patch in addition to mine, mine is outdated since the latest Lucien update, I sadly haven't come around to add to mine, and their patch includes all new lines not covered in my Patch!)

-Animated Armoury (This one has absolutly nothing to do with overhauling dialoge, but by god, my Khajiit monk is so thankful for those quarterstaffs. The animations are realy, realy great. Just one recommendation: Use Nemesis instead of FNIS. Trust me.)

Definetly not recommended

So ... if it's your cup of tea, then there is also this abomination from the innermost circles of hell. Every day we stray further from Auriel's Light.