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Adds returning monsters from TES IV: Oblivion's and Beyond Skyrim's Cyrodiil to the land of Skyrim and special locations tied to them while providing a new questline, and much more.

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 "Hunt of Hircine" is a massive mod that has many purposes. It adds new monsters/creatures to the world that come with their own harvestable ingredients, new massive and unique dungeons, new weapons, new spells, unique collectibles, quests, and some new pieces of equipment to find. It is designed to feel like an expansion to Skyrim, embracing much of the Elder Scrolls' lore, and bringing some more diversity and variety while staying (mostly) lore friendly and trying to avoid touching any vanilla areas. 

What monsters will I see?
 There are a lot of new critters introduced/returning in this mod, as well as some new ones! You'll see Ogres, Imps, Goblins, Minotaur, new Daedra and even the Ayleid, that have long been 'forgotten' by the world. There are at least two or more custom variants of every monster (aside from the Imp). 

Each monster also has it's own set of weapons (aside from the Imp), some even have armors you can take from them.

Is there a Main Quest?
 Yes, the main questline of this mod revolves around a new guild that has taken up residence in Whiterun. You will decide what becomes of this guild, and whether they will prosper or be removed from Whiterun just as quickly as they arrived.

There are two factions featured in this mod, The Temple of Kyne and The Huntsman Guild. You will be able to join either faction, though both do not want to see the other succeed. The Temple of Kyne is located just outside of Helgen in an old chapel, now slowly bringing the temple back to it's glory after Helgen's attack. The Huntsmen are new to Skyrim, having just set up their guild in Whiterun, coming all the way from Cyrodiil, they're not like regular hunters, they have a much greater motive. The question is; Is it a good one? That is up to you.

Will this be for Oldrim (Skyrim 2011)?
 At the moment there are no plans, this was originally created in Oldrim, on the announcement of Special Edition it was scrapped, and remade from the ground up in Special Edition. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't ever happen, also capable hands could possibly be considered to porting it themselves.

Future Plans:

- Finishing the Main Quest- More dungeons (Ayleid Ruins, Akaviri Dungeons, Ect.)
- More spells
- More monsters
- More armors
- More quests

Where can I find the contents of this mod?

1. Goblins are varied throughout the map, there are 3 tribes currently. They reside in Falkreath, Riften, and Morthal.
2. Imps are a common creature that can be found throughout warmer woodland areas. Mostly Falkreath.
3. Ogres are more typically seen in mountainous regions, sometimes can be found in caves, though rare. Some Orc camps have their own tamed Ogres, with their own armor.
4. Minotaur are always found in the tundra of Whiterun. Though some can be found wandering by themselves through wooded areas. The majestic Minotaur Lord can be found in some nordic ruins, and mountain peaks. Some Minotaur have been captured and enslaved by Bandits, and can therefor be found in their camps.
5. The Ayleid are currently located in 1 Ayleid Ruin. To find this ruin you must get the quest associated with it, head to the Ivarstead Inn. Sit at the bar and wait until a man in a black hood sits down next to you, speak with him and it will begin a quest that leads you to these ruins.
6. To learn the Hunger summoning spell head to the Whitebirch Inn ( A new town ), located along the road between Ivarstead and Riften. Speak to the owner at the bar and he will give you quest to find this tome.
7. To learn the Flesh Atronach spell there is a chance of a scroll or tome spawning in any chest that has a Conjure-related loot system implemented by the vanilla game. Necromancy is frowned upon in Skyrim, so the tome is not sold by vendors. 
HOWEVER,  you can find one at Pinefrost Tower near a campfire. ( A map is shown in the images. )
8. The Gehenoth is a rare creature (of lore standards) that is rarely encountered, he will always be encountered in deep caverns.

1. There are Ayleid coins, pottery and cutlery located in the Larendil ruins.
2. There is an Ayleid helmet, Staff, Sword, Bow, Arrows, and Dagger also located in the Larendil ruins.
3. You can also acquire a set of the Kyne Temples' deciples from a chest in their temple. ( For now you have to pick the lock )
4. You can find a staff that summons an Imp located in the basement of the Kyne Temple.
5. You can acquire Goblin cleavers, axes, and shields from most Goblins.
6. You can acquire a Goblin staff from most Goblin shamans.
7. Almost every newly implemented creature comes with new ingredients used for alchemy.

.Goblin - Goblin Ear
.Ogre - Ogre Teeth
.Minotaur - Minotaur Horn, Powdered Minotaur Horn, Minotaur Pelt
.Flesh Atronach - Human Heart, Human Flesh, Black Soul Gem
.Hunger - Hunger Tongue
.Imp - Imp Gall, Imp Scales



Compatibility: This mod shouldn't have any problem ( at the moment ) being compatible with any other mods.

NOTE: Most of these meshes (Creatures and Ayleid Ruins/Other architectures) will also be featured in Beyond Skyrim, these meshes were provided by Viltuska & Markus Liberty. 

Though we are affiliated with them, this mod does not give you the same experience as Beyond Skyrim AT ALL! It is highly suggested you look into their various projects if you haven't heard of already. It's a very ambitious mod that with a large group of very talented people working on it. You should keep your eye on them!

1.01 - Fixed missing textures. A couple of smaller glitches remain but nothing should be missing from the BSA. Added LE compatible resource pack of the base creatures.

1.02 - Fixed some textures and tweaked NPC stats and Heartwood Cavern.
-Corrected Temple of Kyne NPC's armors to display correctly.
-Fixed Goblin Shield and Waraxe inventory textures.
-Fixed Ayleid Dagger texture.
-Added Kynareth armor to a chest in the Kyne Temple.

1.03 - Minotaur no longer marked as an ' UndeadActorType ', therefor shouldn't be effected by Turn Undead spells.
- Fixed some texture issues
- Added Flesh Atronach
-Added Spell Tome & Scroll to conjure a Flesh Atronach
-Added Necromancers that summon a Flesh Atronach

Credits to:
 Viltuska ( 3D Models; Monsters/Creatures )
 Markus Liberty ( 3D Models; Architect )
 Ravanna (The Hunger)
 Nuska ( The Herne Daedra )
 zn00p  ( Lovely Hairstyles )
 Omega99jp ( Vanillar Hair Variety Plus )
 nickorasu ( Religious Assets )
 Ellise ( Guilded Doublet & Wayfarer's Coat )
 Matth ( Ayleid & Goblin weapons )
 Jokerine ( Resource Pack )
 Kelretu ( Shrine )
 Berkian (Wall Mount)
 Hallgarth ( Misc )
 RonnieMagnum ( Dungeon Assets )
 CaptainCreepy  ( Music )
 Lor (Various Assets)
 FadingSignal (Armor and Weapons)