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Skyrim's courier is an industrious young lad who can be seen all over the province, yet doesn't seem to have anywhere to live and/or work. He seems able to find you at will, but what if you wanted to find HIM? Even if it would be a meaningless encounter, one should still expect a living breathing NPC that takes part in the world to have some place to work at and call home. No longer will the poor courier simply be dragged from his mystery cell and dropped in front of you to make his deliveries. Thus is born the Provincial Courier Service.

This mod is a simple immersion/realism mod that provides a small shack outside of Whiterun along the main road, next to Honningbrew Meadery.

What This Mod Does

  • Provides a home for Skyrim's default courier NPC who hands out letters for various quests.
  • Courier deliveries will now occur in person nearly anywhere in Skyrim.
  • Optional home delivery service will instead deliver messages to one vanilla or DLC house of your choosing.
  • Can also approach the courier at his office and receive mail deliveries there.

Speak to the courier to set up your options. Until this is done, the courier will seek you out to deliver messages in person.

Installation Requirements

Skyrim Special Edition or greater.

DO NOT extract the contents of the BSA file into your Data folder as loose files, or let your mod manager peform an equivalent function on the contents of the file. Doing so will cause things to load in the wrong order and break the game. Skyrim is intended to load a BSA alongside it's ESM/ESP file. Circumventing this causes issues which I will not provide support for. If you insist on going against this advice, you will receive no support for the problems you generate as a result of this.

Installation - Wrye Bash BAIN

Drop the archive into your Skyrim Special Edition Mods\Bash Installers folder, then install as usual.
Make sure the mod is active in the Wrye Bash mods tab.

Installation - Nexus Mod Manager

Use the "Download with Manager" button on the page at Skyrim Nexus. The installer should take care of things from there.
Then simply make sure NMM has the mod activated.

Installation - Manual

Drop the Provincial Courier Service.esp and Provincial Courier Service.bsa files into your Data folder.
Activate the mod using whatever management tool suits you.


Simply remove the Provincial Courier Service.esp and Provincial Courier Service.bsa files from your Data folder. Steam users must unsubscribe first.

Changes have been designed to be fully reversible so the vanilla courier system will be restored to normal if the mod is removed.

Load Order

Best placed near other city modifications. Must load before Open Cities Skyrim if that is installed.

LOOT should be used for optimal placement.


Mods altering the vanilla courier's base NPC record, his placed reference, or his AI packages will be incompatible.

Any mods editing the navmeshes or landscape in cells 7,-5 and 6,-5 will need a compatibility patch. The navmesh edits are based on those fixed by the USKP.

Any mod which alters the following scripts will be incompatible:


Note that these two scripts are based on the versions available from USKP 2.0.0 but the USKP is not required as a master for this mod.

A patch file is available for PCS when used with Purity so the location data is not lost.