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About this mod

This is a collection of patches for Khajiit Speak. It brings more patches to cover cool mods so you also speak as a Khajiit in them.

Permissions and credits

Collection of compatibility patches for Khajiit Speak.

These patches cover the following mods:
All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently
Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE (regular version not the Redux)
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE

Either install each patch separately or use the All-In-One version if you're using all the mods covered.
It is recommended to install through a mod manager, the other option is dropping the plugins into your Skyrim/Data folder.
The plugins are ESL with .esp for load order management (ESLs do not count towards plugin limit)

Load Order:
If you're here you probably have a pretty complicated load order already. Just based in my experience I'd use the following rule for managing your Load Order:

  1. General & dialogue fixes (Unofficial Patch)
  2. Mods with minor changes to dialogue (for example armor mods)
  3. Khajiit Speak
  4. Cool mods that change dialogue (TCIY, followers...)
  5. Khajiit Speak patches

Other Khajiit Speak patches

This is meant to be used along other popular patches from:
Khajiit Speak Extended
Khajiit Speak Extended Extended
Raptor's Khajiit Speak Patch Collection

I may or may not add more patches in the future. I also may or may not take on suggestions for new patches.