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A complete redesign of the dialogue interface. More immersion with fixed controls. For 16:9, 16:10 and 21:9 displays.

Permissions and credits

This mod would not come into existence without Minimalist Dialogue Interface by Stalhimeier.

- Fixes control issues in the same way as Better Dialogue Controls.
- Aligns menu to the left side.
- Increases the width of the dialogue text area so that more lines of dialogue fit on the screen.
- Removes the Exit button and optionally the NPC Name.
- Makes the dialogue vanish while an NPC is talking.
- Gives you a choice between two different backgrounds.


Compatible with everything.

The only exceptions at the moment being:
- Better Dialogue Controls (which you will not need - this mod already fixes the controls)
- EZ2C Dialogue Menu
- Minimalist Dialogue Interface

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