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An ongoing series that rewrites the dialogue in various Creation Club items and other mods I happen to be using so as to not break immersion when used in conjunction with Khajiit Speak and Khajiit Speak - Extended.

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I know, a third page dedicated to this sort of thing, and it's for the Creation Club! Blasphemy. 

mjharper did something pretty special when he sat down and rewrote all the dialogue in Skyrim to match the speaking patterns of the Khajiit in Khajiit Speak. Aelarr's donning of that mantle further provided us with more role-playing opportunities in Khajiit Speak Extended. This mod is nothing more than an extension of their work, and hopefully it lives up to the standard they have set.

To quote a famous cat, 'So, what is it!?'

This will be a collection of dialogue patches that cover some of the Creation Club items and other miscellaneous mods that I happen to be using, rewriting the dialogue so as to maintain cohesion with the two mods listed above. It's jarring to be mimicking the vocal idiosyncrasies of the Khajiit to then tell the Gray Cowl that 'I don't care if you're the Gray Cowl or a pink zombie.' As with the other two mods, I'll include some Ta'agra hither and thither, some references to Khajiiti culture, and a healthy dose of exclamations. Do keep in mind that the Creation Club items have a proclivity for brevity when it comes to not only quest length but the amount of dialogue as well, so not every line will be a quip or reference so as to avoid over-saturation. 

But, why?
I have mixed feelings about the Creation Club. Take the Gray Cowl Returns, for instance. The item is amazing, but then the quest that goes alongside it has the sheer temerity to exist. Personally, the umbrage that I take at the quest is outweighed by my preference for the item, which further overshadows the joy from the Hammerfell-onward part of mannygt's The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal's quest, seeing as the cowl itself is already outclassed and not really why you should play the mod.
Play the mod, though. It is very good.

I will only be doing Creation Club items I own, and only when I really have time for them. If you have suggestions/criticisms, please leave them! If you notice a bug or inconsistency, please let me know (preferably with a screenshot.) 

Eee, man, do you kna what it is? I should have made these with the flag to begin with, but I just didn't. Well, it's proper good luck I've decided it would be canny good of is to do that from this point forwards.
I'll do what I can regarding marking them ESL-flagged ESPs from here on out. Do tell me if I've roostered it up.

Final notes:
Having been raised with British English, I might accidentally 'misspell' a word in the eyes of the colonials (joking.) This, ironically, would make the mod inconsistent with the base game. Let me know if I've done this and I'll change it to the American version.
I found sometimes the dialogue I had written would become invisible. This is a vanilla problem and I highly recommend everyone uses this mod in conjunction with this series/Khajiit Speak/Khajiit Speak Extended.
I have no idea how version numbers work, so pay more attention to the sticky in the comments. I always update that whenever I upload a new file/make an alteration. The specifics of said alteration can be found in the changelogs.


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