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This mod is a replacement for the dialogue menu in Skyrim. It allows you to fully customize the appearance and layout of the menu, implements a much better navigation and control system and also fixes several bugs that are present in the vanilla dialogue menu. Say goodbye to the hard-to-read dialogue text and annoying controls.

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EZ2C Dialogue Menu

-= Customizable layout, fonts and better topic navigation =-

Thanks to svaalbard/insane0hflex for the awesome video (v3.0 shown)


This mod is a replacement for the dialogue menu in Skyrim. It allows you to fully customize the appearance and layout of the menu, implements a much better navigation and control system and also fixes several bugs that are present in the vanilla dialogue menu. Say goodbye to the hard-to-read light gray on dark gray dialogue text and the annoying console-based keyboard and mouse control.

Customizable Layout and Fonts

  • There are 35 settings that can be customized using a simple cfg file. This file can be edited while Skyrim is running and the changes can be seen immediately in-game.
  • The font used in the dialogue menu can be changed. There are 11 fonts to choose from.
  • The size, color and brightness of highlighted and non-highlighted topics can be changed independently.
  • The subtitle font color and brightness can be customized.
  • The size, color and brightness of the speaker name can be customized.
  • The position of the speaker name can be changed or it can be hidden completely.
  • The position of the dialogue topic list can be changed. Text wrapping can also be modified.
  • The "TAB to Exit" button text can be customized or hidden.
  • A realtime clock can be displayed by pressing [Insert] or clicking left gamepad stick.

Better Navigation and Control

  • Long dialogue topic lists can be navigated quickly using [HOME], [END], [PAGE UP] and [PAGE DOWN] keys. This is very convenient for follower mods like Amazing Follower Tweaks.
  • Better, smoother scrolling through the topic list. The vanilla interface was designed mainly for consoles and the topic list always scrolled up or down with the mouse wheel or keyboard slaved to the center of the list. With the new EZ2C navigation system, the topic list stays static whenever possible and only the text highlighter moves up or down. The list only scrolls when it needs to reveal more topics. The list scroll position is automatically adjusted to show as many topics as possible on the screen at once.
  • No more confusion about what topic will be selected when you click the mouse or hit the E key. The highlighted topic will always be selected. The mouse, mouse wheel and keyboard work together more naturally.
  • Also works with XBox 360 game controller.

Vanilla Bugs Fixed

  • Dialogue topics would sometimes not appear if there were too many topics for the vanilla interface to handle - fixed.
  • After scrolling all the way down with the mouse wheel, pressing UP with the keyboard would do nothing until the DOWN key was pressed, and the highlighted topic would jump to the top of the list - fixed.
  • Hovering the mouse pointer over dialogue topics would limit the keyboard or mouse wheel control - fixed.

Eleven Fonts to Choose From
  • Default
  • Morrowind
  • Oblivion
  • Daedric
  • Skyrim Handwritten
  • Skyrim Book
  • Olde English
  • Ale and Wenches
  • Black Chancery
  • Viking
  • First Order


Download and install using NMM. If you don’t use NMM, simply download the archive and extract “dialoguemenu.swf” and “dialoguemenu.cfg” to your Skyrim “DATA\INTERFACE” folder. The default color scheme is close to vanilla (with slightly enhanced brightness), but the selected dialogue topic is highlighted in gold. There are some sample .cfg files included in the archive. Simply copy the one that you want to use into your Skyrim “DATA\INTERFACE” folder, overwriting the existing “dialoguemenu.cfg” file.


To uninstall, simply delete “dialoguemenu.swf” and “dialoguemenu.cfg” from your Skyrim “DATA\INTERFACE” folder.


To customize the dialogue interface, simply edit the “dialoguemenu.cfg” file in the Skyrim “DATA\INTERFACE” folder, using Windows Notepad. You can edit this file while Skyrim is running (use ALT-TAB to switch to the desktop). After editing, save the changes and <ALT-TAB> back to the game. Make sure that you are not already in the dialogue interface (<TAB> out of it if necessary), then begin a new dialogue with someone - you will see the customizations immediately!

Example configuration strings are given in the "dialoguemenu.cfg" file. See the comments with a hash (#) in front of them. The lines that you can edit are the ones that don't have a hash (#) in front of them. The text is case sensitive.

Customization Tips

Color codes should be in hexadecimal format, preceded by "0x". The following example sets the color of the speaker's name to cyan:

speaker_font_color = 0x00FFFF

To change the font face from "Default" to "Ale and Wenches" simply change the line

font = default


font = Ale and Wenches

To move the dialogue topics from the default position [x = 20] to the left side of the screen [x = -85], simply change

topiclist_pos_x = 20


topiclist_pos_x = -85

Similarly, "topiclist_pos_y" can be used to adjust the vertical position of the dialogue topic list. Note that the coordinates are scaled such that x = -100 is the left edge of your screen and x = 100 is the right edge of your screen, while y = 100 is the top edge of your screen and y = -100 is the bottom edge of your screen. The exact center of the screen is x = 0, y = 0. Note that the ideal x coordinate might be different on your system depending on the size and resolution of your monitor, as well as the font face, font size and "topiclist_width" setting used in the "dialoguemenu.cfg" file.

To move the speaker's name to the top of your screen, simply change

speaker_text_pos_x = 0
speaker_text_pos_y = -25


speaker_text_pos_x = 0
speaker_text_pos_y = 90

If your "speaker name" disappears after setting an extreme x or y value, try using smaller values, as you may have positioned the text outside of the screen area.

To adjust text wrapping, change the parameter "topiclist_width". The vanilla value was about 300, but I've increased this to 600 in the configuration file. If the dialogue text gets truncated by the right edge of the screen, decrease the value until the text starts wrapping again, or move the dialogue text further left (as per the example above). You might have to adjust this parameter depending on the size of your font and the position of the dialogue text on screen.

To always display the realtime clock by default, use the option:

"clock_enable = true"


We'd like to give special credit to the SkyUI team, particularly MARDOXX, for the decompiled and corrected actionscripts.

The non-vanilla fonts used by this mod are freeware or public domain obtained from for personal or non-commercial use.

  • Morrowind (Magic Cards): by Neale Davidson
  • Oblivion: by Steve Duffeyes
  • Olde English: by Dieter Steffmann.
  • Ale and Wenches: by Nate Piekos
  • Black Chancery: by Doug Miles
  • Viking: by Peter Rempel
  • First Order: by Daniel Zadorozny

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