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Adds several dialogue options to most of Skyrim's NPCs (even ones initially without any dialogue options) allowing for increased immersive interactions and role-play.

Compatible with every dialogue overhaul / commentary mod such as FCO SE, RDO, GDO and others as it does not conflict or replace and only adds more dialogue.

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I am not the original author of this mod. This mod is the work of the super cool SirSalami and the OG Author has generously provided all relevant permissions on the original mod page which has allowed me to bring this gem of a mod to us on Skyrim Special Edition. Even then, if the OG author finds this mod in violation of any of their terms, they have the right to BURN IT DOWN!

Support the Original Mod as well!


The intent of Immersive Speechcraft is to add some value to the Speech skill and provide the player the ability to interact with NPCs in interesting ways. Based on your character's speech skill, you might be able to convince an NPC to follow you for a bit, barter, help you in combat and more!

Maybe you are poor and need a few coins? Perhaps you want to rob travelers on the roadside? Maybe you need a favor done by someone else? Perhaps you are the sneaky type who would enjoy manipulating their victim to an early demise? Maybe you'd just like to talk about the weather? These things can now be accomplished!

(Showcase by BroDual)

(Showcase by AuGigo)


Dialogue options added to all NPCs that use "generic" voices. (1000+ voice files renamed and reused. Phew!)

Speechcraft can only be initiated while NOT wearing a helmet. Be polite! ;)
  • Follow: NPC will follow you. (farther based on skill)
  • Barter: Initiate trade.
  • Command: NPC will allow you to issue commands for a short time.
  • Gift: NPC will receive items at no cost to them.
  • Beg: Receive a small amount of gold. (must be wearing ragged or cheap clothes)
  • Trick: Cause NPC to stop and bend over.
  • Fight: Force the NPC to attack you.
  • Train: NPC will increase player skill for a price. (NPC must have a high skill)
  • Comment on the weather.
  • There may bee one more option...

Mugging can be initiated when weapons / hands are drawn. (Helmet OK)
  • Upon success, player will receive gold and is able to take items from the NPC at no cost.
  • NPC may ignore you, initiate combat or flee.

A request to flee or for help can be initiated when in combat. (Helmet OK)
  • Help: NPC will assist the player in combat.
  • Flee: NPC will run away
  • NPC may ignore these requests.

Almost all options are governed by your character's Speech skill level. 50
Speech will basically have a 50% chance of success, while 100 Speech
will essentially guarantee it. Other attributes are factored when
applicable, such as your relationship with the NPC and their confidence
when threatened. Initiating Speechcraft will provide minimal speech
gains. Upon success, these options will increase Speech skill further.

Usage of these options results in a "cool-down" which prevents immediate
repeated attempts with the same NPC. This penalty is shortened as you
gain Speech skill. (100 to 0 seconds)


  • Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE 64)


  • Use your favorite Mod Manager like Vortex, Mod Organizer 2 or Nexus Mod Manager. I recommend Vortex.


  • Compatible with Follower Commentary Overhaul SE - FCO SE
  • Compatible with Rleationship Dialogue Overhaul SE - RDO SE
  • Compatible with Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE - GDO SE
  • Compatible with all companion, commentary or dialogue mods as this mod does not replace or conflict with any mod and simply adds the speechcraft option to all NPCs including NPCs which did not have dialogue in the base game.
  • Uniquely voiced NPCs will not have these options. Mods that add them should work as intended otherwise.
  • This mod does not add, modify or require perks. Compatible with known perk overhauls.
  • No compatibility issues reported (v1.1).



This is my first Skyrim mod. I welcome thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

I hope that my little mod finds a nice home somewhere in your growing load-order.

Thank you!