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Overhauls the lock system, adding new features: Lock requirement, smash locks, unlock spell and auto pick locks. With a fully customizable MCM menu.

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This is an official port of Lock Overhaul by Quad2Core to Skyrim Special Edition. Please endorse the original mod as well.
Overhauls the lock system, adding new features...

  • Lock Requirements: When this feature is activated locks get a skill requirement (depending on the type of lock and the settings you chose).
  • If you don't got the required amount of skill you have a 100% chance to fail picking the lock.
  • Smash Locks: You are a Warrior type? Just enable this feature, get your weapon out and smash the next lock you pass by.
  • Also Increases your weapon skill, toggles crime and more. In short it just acts like you would expect.
  • Unlock Spell: If you enable this you will be granted with an Alteration Spell which manipulates the lock mechanism itself,
  • causing the lock to open. (of course only if you have the required skill) Same as with Smash Locks, it toggles crime, increases your alteration skill and so on.
  • Auto Pick Locks: Gives you the option to automatically pick the lock. It will consume lockpicks and increase your lockpicking skill.
  • Uses the same settings as the feature: Lock Requirement
  • MCM Menu: A fully customizable MCM menu with alot of settings.
  • Auto Open When Unlocked: Option for instant gratification when a lock is opened by bashing or magick: doors will pop open,
  • and chests will display their inventory automatically. *New! (Courtesy tonycubed2 / Sands of Time Team)
  • Heartbeat Script Frequency: Allows changing the frequency of the heartbeat script in the MCM. Recommended option is 5 to 8 seconds depending on your other mods, hardware, etc. *New! (Courtesy tonycubed2 / Sands of Time Team)
  • Alternate Ordinator-Compatible Version: If player has activated Lock Overhaul's lock requirement feature (which are perks given to modify sweet spots), then the Ordinator perks called Master Locks, Lockpicking Mastery, and Expert Locks are auto-disabled. The moment the player disables the Lock Overhaul lock requirement feature, the Ordinator perks are enabled. *New! (Courtesy tonycubed2 / Sands of Time Team)

  • Installing: Download with a Mod Manager or Download Manually and extract the files to the "Skyrim Special Edition / Data" folder (Use a mod manager)
  • Uninstalling: Before uninstalling, use the deactivate function found at the mod's MCM - Generals tab.