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A natural-fantasy weather mod.

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Winner of Nexus Mod of the Month

Cathedral Weathers was founded on Obsidian Weathers and Aequinoctium, the culminations of Skyrim's two most prolific weather authors. It is a demonstration of what can be achieved when the modding community cooperates and shares openly with each other. An in depth explanation of the mod can be found here.

The following authors have contributed to this mod. Consider that modifications have been made and this mod does not necessarily reflect the authors' original works. Please download, endorse, donate, or leave comments of support to the following authors for their contributions to Skyrim modding.

Obsidian Weathers and Seasons by Dr. Megaloblast and Arindel
Yee - A new Snowflake Mod - Cathedral Concept
8K Night Skies - Stars and Galaxies - Cathedral Concept
JawZ Smooth Sky Mesh by --JawZ--
xEdit 4.0 by ElminsterAU
Cathedral Assets Optimizer by G'k
zEdit by Mator

Seamless Grass Transitions

  • Cathedral Weathers was built around Lightweight Grass Overhaul for seamless transitions between grass and landscape. 
  • Many ENB's will break these carefully balanced transitions due to changes in lighting.
  • Dyndolod (Highly recommended but 100% optional) for improved Tree LOD models (distant trees). How To Install For Dummies here,

Horizon Seam Fix

  • Cathedral Weathers hides the edge of the world by blending distant fog to the sky (specifically 28th cloud layer). Many ENB's will break this fix.
  • For ENB authors: ENB creation will benefit from weather-specific support via ENB Helper by Aers, especially because this mod contains multiple imagespaces.
  • For screen-archers: You may wish to use the Weather Selector power found in the Weather Creation Guide so that you can change weathers easily.

Suggested ENBs: Weather is Wise ENB
Control Everything

Customize via the Cathedral Meditation power or via MCM, found here
  • Complete control of brightness, saturation, contrast, bloom, and tint via "World View." Implemented via power instead of MCM so that you can view changes in real time without having to enter and exit menus. Refer to Sandman for MCM, found here
  • Seasonal Perspective will make summers appear warm and winters cold.
  • Nocturnal sight adjusts the direct lighting intensity and brightness to alter night darkness levels.
  • Interior vision alters brightness indoors.
  • Climate option allows for "Sombre" weather, which vastly increases the probability of fog, overcast, rain, snow, or storms to around 80% depending on the season.
  • If you wish to be able to change weather on command, consider the mod Playing Instruments Change Weather

Performance Details

  • Expected FPS loss = zero.
  • Requires ~16 megabytes of VRAM
  • Adds 4096x1024 resolution (equivalent to 2k) cloud textures to various sunrises/sunsets (maximum of 1 per weather). 
  • Uses custom snow flake textures and thunder audio. One of the snowflake textures uses 512x512 resolution.
  • Frees VRAM- There are two empty snowflake textures to remove an annoying vanilla camera effect.
  • Contains thunder audio, intra-cloud sky-lightning, and JawZ's smooth sky mesh.
  • Contains scripts that simply check the date in order to implement changes in weather probabilities.
  • Contains a customization spell to adjust lighting and climate.


  • Not compatible with other weather mods. Cathedral Weathers includes custom precipitation and thunder audio, as well as extreme, wilderness-only, blizzards. If you want to patch a mod like true storms, you may wish to create a standalone esp that depends on the sound files found in true storms. Activating both the TS and CWS esp's will result in too many volume sliders for rain and thunder audio. 
  • Compatible with audio overhauls with patch.
  • Compatible with Obsidian Mountain Fogs. Excluded by special request.
  • Safe to overwrite other weather mods, but note that overwritten weather mods will not take effect, blend, or mix in anyway. 
  • Anything that required a patch for Obsidian will probably require a new patch for Cathedral Weathers. But otherwise, mods that are inherently compatible with Obsidian remain compatible. Frostfall, Wet and Cold, new lands mods (ie. Bruma, Falskaar), Wonders of Weather, and Mintys Lightning are all compatible.


There are two primary philosophies when it comes to modding, Parlor and Cathedral.

In the Parlor view, we consider mods as privately owned works of art displayed in a modder's parlor. We invite others to come appreciate our work. We directly receive compliments and endorsements, encouraging us to produce further work. 

In the Cathedral view, we consider modding a joint effort. We share our work with each other to foster further mod development, to keep the community alive, and to contribute in the construction of mods of monumental scale. Individually, our contributions may be small and not worth doing for themselves, but by each person contributing something, we construct something larger and more worthwhile than any of us could do on our own.